CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD, discusses recent developments in the #COVID19 pandemic and US response, including prospects for dual outbreaks of COVID-19 and influenza in the fall and winter. Recorded August 20, 2020.

Topics discussed in this interview:
0:00 Introduction
0:26 New COVID-19 data
2:50 Outlook for fall
6:15 Seroprevalence
7:33 Herd immunity
10:07 Importance of flu vaccines
15:22 Vaccine access and delivery
19:25 Reopening schools and universities
24:34 US deaths
28:57 Importance of data at CDC

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  1. Duh, it's always been the case that we didn't need to lockdown you jerk. The problem we have had since the beginning (as evident by the actions, or lack of action by our president) that we cannot trust the public in America to wash their hands after wiping themselves, let alone wear a mask and social distance. Don't sit back like you figured something out that is historic.

  2. This was recorded less than a week prior to one of the largest changes in CDC recommendations for COVID testing (no longer recommending testing for asymtomatic individuals exposed to known COVID), and there is ZERO mention of the upcoming change or new data that would explain its reasoning. As a physician who regularly uses CDC data to make decisions for patients, and spends more time than I would like defending to others the data's legitimacy, Dr. Redfield owes it to the medical community to make a statement and provide the data for this change, preferably here on JAMA. If a change of this magnitude was not made on data or new research and instead pressure from an external source, then I think we start to worry about the CDC's ability to remain a "data driven organization," and will have to view future guidelines and recommendations with this in mind.

  3. Cutting back on testing made the virus look like it's going away. I could have told you that. You've granted Trump's wish that it would "magically disappear".

  4. The White House response to the panemic has been an epicemic in itself. So, as Arizona instituted controls they got good results. New York has control of the situation. The reason is that the governors owned the problem. Does anyone in the White House watch these JAMA videos?

  5. I like this man because he speaks with intelligence and knowledge with clarity and professionalism He comes across with hope and optimism verses Fear!!
    The first convincing person since this supposed outbreak!
    The only person who has spoken to mee so far when it comes to slowing this spread with optimism

  6. Virus did it's thing regardless of mitigations measures. Virus is in charge. Not government. We are reaching herd immunity at 3-4 % of population tested positive. Large proportion of people is not detected or resistant to virus. Masks slowed progression in many places but made it last much longer. In Chicago these measures created two waves. They want us to thank them for decline of total cases.
    But he is right. We are getting over it. Vaccine is arriving too late.

  7. I thought the school was part of the community? The fact that they are unwilling to focus on a united strategy that can help our families keep our children safe in such a time of need, is disgusting.

  8. New Yorkers arent more adherent to mitigation measures than people in the south? What? Have you not seen Georgia? Huge parties, schools with no mask mandates, sheriff's offices demanding their officers NOT wear masks…
    I really wish you wouldn't waste your time with Redfield. He has been nothing but a flimsy shell for the administration, and presides over a failed institution. Testing via rt-pcr has from the start been a fiasco, with no clear guidelines or standards. Meanwhile, the FDA has slow walked changes in regulations to allow faster antigen capture tests for use by the general public, which could have been and still could be a huge positive change. Redfield was a bible thumping idiot during the AIDS pandemic, and is still that same buffoon today

  9. Think about this, they expect me to believe the same virus likely infected every single country on the planet. Sorry I’m not buying it. Google any 3 digit number w”cases” behind it and you will get a place where it exists. They assume we are unable to discern. What a joke.

  10. Thank you Dr Bauchner! As a multiple time cancer survivor, I look forward to all the information that you present regarding the COVID-19 virus. I really appreciate your show! Have a great day!