FWD DFW is joined by Baylor Scott & White Health’s Dr. David Winter who shares the latest news of the Coronavirus pandemic and why we ALL need to take COVID-19 so seriously.

What symptoms do you need to be aware of; what are some dangerous, false rumors about coronavirus; how to prevent the spread; is there a treatment right now; how hospitals are preparing; and what we all need to do next. Plus, why blood banks are running low and how you can help.


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  1. Shame on the Mayor and the others… Sold out humans for 5G. You'll wish you never did that because you and your family are going to be living in it.
    No virus! It's the 5G millimeter wave frequencies, the non-ionizing radiation is biologically active! It's making you Sick! They are hiding the truth from you $$$ you can't sue a virus! (Why so many people testing positive 2 and 3 times? Because there is no virus, test kit is testing acid and/or inflammation not a virus.)
    Visit me site here… https://mdsafetech.org/5g-telecommunications-science/

    Your govt & city sold you out for $$$

  2. No they're always get nail from its call Corona bars we also know it is ear infections for you a little people who are also known as upper respiratory infection. Colonna virus. been around since before you was born dumbass.
    There's complete difference between the coronavirus and COVID-19

  3. Started out with a lie. It did not walk across the United States. It walk around the world. This is taking place everywhere. There's nobody outside their homes. You got people banging pots and pans and Italy because they're not allowed to go out or they'll be shot and killed on the streets. You got people around the world trying to they won't go outside because they know their government will shoot them if they're going to the streets. The same country that started this virus. But nobody is outside the one world government says this if we can make them all go outside and if we can do that we have got total control of everybody in the world. Sorry you motherfukers I went out Saturday got my car went across down and came back fuck you

  4. God can’t work with a nation or a President full of FEAR… it STINKS 😷….fear feeds disease….it’s No real government work being done anymore …

    it’s just disease talking secular globalist media all day….. it’s brainwashing and harassing to our biblical nation…. it has to stop 🛑….

    the hospital’s don’t treat their patients like that by talking negative and sick all day…

    how can the people rest and heal properly if this mess is Real ….. they can’t….we have to choose as individuals FAITH OR FEAR….

    more people die from deadly immune system killing prescription drugs everyday with a lack of vitamins and minerals from Monsanto’s and the FDA…

    but nobody seems to care about that…..why not President Trump… somebody seems double minded….like I said they just can’t be trusted…

    healing is in the plants 🌱…. read your Bibles…. India 🇮🇳 has the cure they eat right…. they do…nobody seems to want to do the healthy work called prevention … sad 😞

    do the numbers… they don’t lie people do…. follow the money 💰somebody is getting made VERY RICH right now ….just saying

  5. President Trump,said "If you have taxes coming back go ahead and file, if you don't you can wait until the 15 of July" so Bill Blasio is lying when he puts down our President, he's an awful man, no one respect him .He's truned his back on our policemen , So he's not turning his back on our President.

  6. Cared for disabled parent for years, haven’t filed taxes. I’m not worthy of a stimulus check? The bast ards still picking winners & losers during a national crisis.