Hey my lovely people. In this video i cooked very popular African food for my interracial kids, they exprience the taste of it for the first time, and they liked it.
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  1. Wow this is so nice, the preparation is so simple and the outcome turned out well… I like the food and am glad that your kids love them…. I use to feed mine with African food though at first it was difficult… But now they are use to it… Enjoy my people

  2. Amazing mum you are, cooking with one hand while the other making sure the kids are okay, the meals looks so inviting and well prepared, l know the kids will love it..keep the good work.

  3. Why are you using frozen spinach in the summer? I know it's convenient, but it doesn't taste good. It's similar with stock cubes. I cook intense broth and keep it in the fridge. Now's your challenge. You have to learn to cook: Bigos(Hunter's stew) , dumplings(pierogi) and sour rye soup(żurek). XD