Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) kneeled on the House floor Monday night to show solidarity with NFL players defying President Trump to protest police brutality.

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  1. I bet those players won't be kneeling every game this season, the NFL big wigs are probably right now, behind closed doors sitting around a big conference table sweating bullets trying to come up with some kind of thing that will appease the protesters and fans without looking like they knuckled under to angry back lash from the public and still save face.

  2. Your remarks, Madam are ridiculous with blatant racial overtones, and your theatrical kneeling is simply granstanding & disgusting in my view. Both are inappropriate for the purpose, and in the manner in which they were done on the House of Representatives Floor. You are an embarrassment to your distinguished Congressional colleagues and to the Republic, for which WE PROUDLY STAND. You are a shining example of why we need Term Limits for our legislators. It's time for you to be voted out of office.

  3. The Democrats just have too much baggage to ever win anything.  The have:  BLM, Antifa, illegal Immigrants, etc.  It's like a woman looking for a husband with 10 kids. No man will marry her.  Too much baggage.

  4. Let's see you take a knee during the national anthem. She would never do that because she know she wouldn't get reelected. All talk and blather. Looks foolish trying to act like she thinks he was talking about black mothers.