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  1. Jokes aside saying that if you are white you cant say nigga, is very racist. I mean just because I was born with white skin I can't say some stupid word ever? And why is that? Because a long long time ago it was used to call slaves and the majority of slave owners were white…like this and future generations have something to do with it. And if it's so bad and offensive word why black people themselves can use it all the time and not always in an offensive way. I am white and say nigga like any other word and I don't have to feel guilty because something that I have nothing to do with.

  2. Being half white Half Puerto Rican and raise by the blackest man you could ever think the question can white people say nigga yes but you best be prepared for the storm to come

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  4. Albert doesn’t know shit about kids. I mean hell, she had a school for kids while they were getting raped and abused but because it she wasn’t “hands-on” she blamed it on everyone else.

  5. I was listening to NWA a while back reminiscing about my teenage years. My teenage daughter asked me what NWA meant, so I told her. Oh dad you can’t say that that’s racist. WTF I didn’t use the hard R.

  6. Suspect in jam Master Jay killing pleads not guilty. Of course it would be racial profiling to be looking for a black man. Well who the hell else did it!? Black lives matter LOL tell that to black people

  7. The wonderful truth to comedy that people forget is it's both inclusive , equal , diverse and nothing is safe from it!! If we cannot laugh at our selves laugh at our short comings idiocy and more then humour is truly dead , this guy is wonderful and to cancel him and those like him would be an act of fucking idiocy !!!