W marcu 2020 r. wyruszamy w 10. Wielką Trasę Stand-up Polska, bilety:


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  1. Whenever I would spend time with my friends, my grandmother would tell me the same thing over and over again: “they are just going to rob you!” Also she would say “ don’t let them in your house! They’re going to tell everybody what it looks like!”

  2. This is the good thing about Poland, you can say jokes about ourselves ( which there are a lot of), Germans, Jews, Muslims, Gay, Straight, heck even about Auschwitz and no one gets offended ever. Hopefully it stays this way in the future but as we’re getting more and more wealthy we’re starting to adopt a cancel culture and creating a politically correct brigade.

  3. Actually in Poland priests went a step further ;p there is a priest who has his own tv and radio station, he even has private media university to train journalists to work for him. He is using that all to ask babcias for money and thanks to that he runs many businesses. His wealth is hundrets of milions, unofficialy ofc xD

  4. Thank you so much for the positive feedback guys! It means the world to me! if you want to see more stand-up follow me on instagram; @christophermatthewcomedy – Dziękuję bardzo!