Now halfway through her twenties, Taylor Tomlinson is ready to leave her mistakes behind her. Following her Netflix debut on “The Comedy Lineup: Part 1” Taylor divulges the lessons she’s learned in her first hour-long comedy special, “Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis.” In it, Taylor talks about working on yourself, realistic relationship goals, and why your twenties are not actually “the best years of your life.”

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  1. This girl is actually funny, I only usually watch black comedians cos they are natural but this girl is natural not try hard like most white comedians 😊

  2. Her: I saw it one & half times. So many times! It's THAT good!
    Me: watches it 15 times a day that's cute

    One and a half lol she literally saw it *once*, plus a few extra minutes 😂

  3. Interestingly the most interesting women to me are the ones, who had a healthy relationship with their fathers. Please dads, take care of your daughters!

  4. This was a really good interview – good questions, meaningful answers. Who is the interviewer? She did a great job. Taylor is one of my favorite comedians now. The best comedy comes from real life and life experiences, and Taylor seems to instinctively know what's funny about the life she's living.

  5. 29 and I'm still developing but I'm glad to have a comedian that speaks to the truths and insecurities that is one's 20's! Can't wait to see how her comedy grows👍