At Aasif Mandvi’s All-Star Deportation Jamboree, comedian Lewis Black takes on the “characters” that make up President Trump’s inner circle.

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  1. Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California and won! The governator!!! That's when it all went downhill. After that, now every celebrity considers themselves a political guru. Coincidence?! I think not!

  2. Dear Mr. Black, Thank God we have you to express our frustrations as we should but we are too afraid, too stupid or we’re dead to be able to do it as we should be for ourselves. ❤️❤️❤️ Please forward my respects to your parents. My mother is 93. 💐

  3. Louis I like yours acts but stay the hell out of politics you freaking ASSHOLE!! You're trying to make fun of the best administration this fucked up country as ever have had. You leftists fool. By the way you nut job Jew, youretoo old to please Hollywood for any blowjob or culliningus so yes you are a funny bitter old sac q of hate, but still funny.. Now having tell you off please go fart somewhere else you're annoying me…. Old fool. Hey come to think of it, why don't you replace berny sanders you'd have more chances than him. F. F. F. F.

  4. Just discovered Lewis Black a couple of days ago on YouTube. Lucky me. The CVS receipt rant was spot on! And I chose to move to California nearly 30 years ago. The PG & E rants & rants & rants… that's not made up! Wait until some parents rant about the numerous emergency plans our schools put students through every year (earthquake, fire, active shooter, chemical hazards, cyber hacks, bullying, influenza, etc.). My youngest had just assembled our family earthquake supply box and evacuation plan; San Diego was hit with an earthquake the NEXT day!

  5. I love your comedy men really do Louis you're funny as hell but you need to keep politics out of it cuz obviously you have no f**** clue what the Democratic party has done to this country and I know this because I was a Democrat I watched what has been going on I'm no longer a Democrat and I don't want to pay NZ in the White House I want somebody's got balls that's Trump he's got balls he doesn't give a damn what the Democratic party once he doesn't care and when all said and done every one of them Schumer Pelosi and Schiff they'll be out they'll be in prison I hope