Attorney Antonio Moore explains the impact of Colin Kaepernick new Nike Campaign. Looking deep at the history of race, athletics and more in America. Moore alos discusses Muhammad Ali. Donate Patreon

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  1. No the comments are gone, but your ignorance has already been shown now..I didnt say being from another country is why the US did better by them..I said having the backing of their country means they didnt have to deal ANY of the things we had to deal with..How ignorant could you be to compare building railroads to CHATTEL SLAVERY..these weren't millions of ppl you mentioned who were subject to centuries of being owned or some formation thereof.. And it was nothing compared to the free labor to build the richest country on earth..Being OWNED, locked out, raped, mutilated, and treated disproportionately diabolical isnt a "Hardship"..What we went through was and is sustained..but once again your comments show you dnt know enough!!

  2. Let’s really be 💯 although I ‘Stand’ and believe with what Kaep is sayin’ he was really pissed 😡 off with his team’s owner/coach bc he wanted out of the team( wanted to be traded) and he then decided to sit/kneel in protest of that… I do remember that from watching the NFL as well as reading what was going on with him… the situation took on a life of it’s own… and here we go😏… Black People we need to “Stand Together Strong”💪🏿 if you’re not standing with us you’re standing against us✊🏿!!!

  3. Nike is not bringing anything other than they crunched some numbers and found production will go up if they publicly endorsed Kaepernick. Sales shot up over 30%. The very least that happens is Kaepernick has a new paycheck. Which is better than him not getting anything but….That's it. Nike can shove a mountain of money into offshore tax havens and stock buy backs.

  4. Excellent food for thought piece. First time I've ever heard that Ali interview. He sounded renewed & empowered by his new knowledge of self. I have to mention that this has turned out to be an early financial victory for Nike as of today their online, in store & distribution sales have all risen in less than a week of unveiling Colin as the new face of Just Do It. I think it was a 124 million dollar surplus this week, it's all over the merchandise market news. The Trojan 🐴 theory is major & like our brother Neely Fuller Jr always says is everyone should pay attention to what is being said. Great information.

  5. Capitalism can’t replace bad politics, but can influence culture. When the markets move, politics/laws adjust accordingly. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water, Kaps movement can benefit the black community. I’m not expecting it to be the cure for all of the issues in the black community.

  6. White people are angry because we are fighting back, like always! I don’t know any human being that enjoys, being killed, beaten, oppressed, jailed, etc! There is an awakening, our people are tired!!

  7. Nike think they so slick ..since when did they feel sad about human rights …but see the same way they use our platform is the same way we have to use theirs …this is gonna be an imperative part of this whole thing…we have to be just as crafty as them ..

  8. We don't need you to stand we need you and other celebrities and other sports personalities to assemble a legal team that understands the black code laws that understands the Constitution of the United States of America and to make sound legal representation to overturn these courts

  9. Chicago has been using bait trucks, cars, anything to entrap my brothers. It is and has been the plan, and it is a plan that had taken many years since before the black panthers. It's called the prison pipeline. Black power is very positive and we have to come together and make that change.

  10. In that same CNN article, the author revealed that 20% of US black males did not work in 2016. However, he added that 75% of those individuals only had a high school diploma or less. Then, we have to account for the ones who have drug problems, criminal records and other contributing factors. This is why a person shouldn't make blanket assumptions from one strand of statistical data. Yes, this is a problem in this country. The key is to determine how much of the problem can be addressed within the black community. For instance, more black parents can make sure their kids spend less time on the basketball court and more time reading. The black family unit must be encouraged and cherished. My sister stressed education in raising my niece. Now, she is a vice president at Wells Fargo.