Coleman Hughes is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor at City Journal, where his writing focuses on race, public policy and applied ethics. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Quillette and The Spectator.

He and John discuss Black Lives Matter and consider the validity of their protest.

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  1. Systemic racism is like demanding advil for a headache while denying that you have a brain tumor. Systemic classism is the issue. Democrats always lose because they are loyalist to white supremacy hierarchy just like Republicans are. We all are forced into our positions of compliance.

  2. The most systemic racism is the USA today is the attempt of the Republican Party to suppress the voting rights of minorities. If the Republican Party would just move away from racism, most of our other problems regarding race and class could be addressed through our democratic system.

  3. Both racism and slavery have been universal for all of history and prehistory, therefore bemoaning their existence today is as dumb as hating our opposable thumbs, for example, since we all have them and they were obviously been put there by nature.
    It's virtually illegal to have an honest conversation about race and so we may never get past mind numbing worthless interviews like this one.

  4. Blacks seem to ignore the FACT that a major portion of Black Americans idolize and portray themselves as thugs and gangsta wrappers. Will a white person be more afraid of a black person dressed all hip hop and acting all ghetto. YES. Would a white person be more comfortable if the black person wore slacks and a polo shirt and used proper speech. Yes. Now if a white guy would dress like a biker and acted all 1%er style, white folks would be just as uncomfortable maybe more so.

  5. So Coleman in spite of serious misgivings will vote Biden Harris. Because? He like a few other thinking blacks reminds me of China loving anti communism Chinese compatriots: blind to what truly matter in America, the land they live, in particular times. They somehow can’t see the bigger picture. Alter all Americans of Europeans heritages matter; after all the USA everyone want a piece of was largely here because of their efforts. Yes no use to pretend it’s possible for any ethnic group not prefer their own.

  6. Neither of these two understand how much was accomplished in prior civil rights movements. They are taking the Hollywood view of the 1960's civil rights movements. So sad they have forgotten the history of civil rights among minorities.

  7. These 2 clowns are making a Rube Goldberg out of Occam's Razor.
    Humans are what they are because of tens of thousands of years of evolution. Religions have been trying to change basic humam nature for thousands of years and have had little to no success. Racism is just tribalism. Tribalism is part of all creatures, and is in every aspect of our lives…friends, family, sports team…everything. Diversity and multiculturalism only divide people, and cause loss of societal cohesion…this is historical fact.
    Humans cannot simply legislate or guilt away biology, so let's stop talking about this subject and move on to important things.

    Darwin is a bitch…and always wins in the end…fact….

  8. I have a cultural, social, but most importantly, a genetic and genealogical affinity with my tribe and a liberating bias toward my own kind, and I'm not going to pretend that I don't, just to placate the unintelligent minds of the world. If that makes me a racist, so be it.

  9. Perhaps we need to figure out why the police that are putting hands on people of color. There must some reason(s) for this. These police may need to be removed from being out there.
    Sometimes when young children/ toddler see another child get hurt or see a child crying for whatever reason. That child watching the child who is hurting will sometimes go up to the crying child and hit them either with their hand or if they have a toy they could hit them with the toy. I don’t think the child doing the hitting is trying to hurt them further. I think they are simply reacting to the situation I mean we know it isn’t the right thing but it probably due to their immaturity to deal properly.
    I don’t know -just throwing in my two cents thank you for the conversation.

  10. My brother spent the summer of 1965 in Tuscaloosa AL working with SCLC to improve voter registration for blacks. So that was more than 100 years after the EP and blacks were still held back legally. Thankfully this is no longer true and we have made significant progress in the area of race relations.

  11. Forget all this racial bs they keep pushing to divide us. What we need is more transparency and accountability, especially in local governments and the justice system.

  12. Coleman Hughes is a very smart critical thinker and commentator. I would love to see him become revered as a leader of the Black community. I think he could help to solve so many problems connected to race in the U.S.

  13. Romans, Egypt and China (still has) had slaves. Is it only black slavery that is outrageous ? Why don't BLM protest about the modern day slavery in Leicester for example.

  14. The reason why black lived matter is because the society doesn't want to acknowledge the wrongs..if you want pewce..acknowledginh your wrong os the first start..lets ask South African with Nelson Mandela

  15. Coleman…you can blame black kids because of fatherhood but you hide when it comes to the cruelty and long teem effects of slavery..mother..father..families were torn apart

  16. Ok i agree with everyone..but ate we saying its ok to not pay reparations to blacks in America eventhough other races have been pais..also who are yoi coleman to decide what i will do with my money and how it would make me feel good

  17. BLM
    If it wasn’t so ANTIFA driven
    & sponsored by people who hate America it’d be down right harmful. “Oh wait, it is.
    How does one dismantle the most loving & generous country in the world?
    People are literally dying to get into this “fascist/racist” nation. Yet our over paid, teachers & fat cat unions are teaching our children “1918” propaganda that even liberal historians have issue with.
    BLM creates a conversation that has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the past. Than they create an impossible BLM litmus test. In which all parties are guilty unless you kiss the ring of the NEW INSTITUTION, in which you’re controlled by the past & a diabolical Marxists regime. There will never be opportunities for redemption no matter how deep the white guilt & check enclosed. While this madness is happening all of the sudden a pandemic is appears where the citizens can no longer communicate naturally & where much of the communication & “social distancing” is all created on line, being documented & stored for the next highest bidder. Now you have all these humans cocooned & suspended in a virtual arguments about the past that you had nothing to do with & a future that depends on corrupt & created mass hysteria.
    See how they run?

  18. Whenever I see Coleman I just go to Thomas Sowell videos. TS gets to the point. But actually if you want to see an impressive young person on these issues, see Steven Edington at The Sun YT channel, Burning Questions playlist. Solid knowledgeable interviewer at just 20. Actually it would be good for Steven to interview Coleman.

  19. Why is this interviewer tip toeing? is irritating, talk to Coleman without worrying if you will offend him, you probably won't.

  20. Take every one that wants to be a law officer and take them to heartmap to be tested. They can see how you feel about things with pictures. this is a no brainer. next conversation.