Information about the coronavirus outbreak is not immune from Chinese censors. But more and more citizens are dodging censorship by creating a digital archive of deleted posts. They told us how.

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  1. So the entire video is "Chinese people are silenced about coronavirus". Almost no mention of what it is they are saying, where exactly are they doing it, how we can find this information or how to help them. Just some unexplained screenshots and fast-scrolling texts. Very uninformative reporting, I must say. Everyone knows there's censorship in China. Please give us more information about what's actually going on.

  2. Not only China but MSM creates a non-real 'reality' in people's minds by not reporting pro-police demonstrations; not reporting the destruction caused by young people in Democrat run cities and not telling that it is b s who are k il ling bs.

  3. Covid-19 is not a pandemic. It's a bio weapon created to reduce the world population. China used it to control their population while they used it to destroy other countries. I'm a bioengineering expert that USED to work for the government. I studied a multitude of virus and bioweapons. Virus targets anyone. Bioweapons affect a target. Covid-19 is most certainly a weapon. War is coming so prepare for war. Get a gun and a place you can go for security. We aren't gonna be lucky this time, war is already upon us so we need to act now. Russia also plans to attack the U.S in 2021 once we hit another great depression they will attack the south coast 1st then soon after the hidden soldiers already in our country will set multiple high explosives off in our largest most populated cities. NO ONE IS OUR ALIES……Why did you just read all that non-sense

  4. Hi, I am Muyi, one of the producers of this video. Thank you all for watching. I recently joined The Times Visual Investigations team. If you have any questions regarding the video, please feel free to post them in comments, I'll try my best to answer. Thank you!