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A man in southeastern China’s Anhui province was seen jogging away after leaving 500 face masks at a police station amid the coronavirus outbreak that has swept the country.

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  1. I imagine him ranting off something like in Jackie Chan Adventures: "Please accept these free medical masks for the police force to aid in preventing the spread of covid19 on behalf of my generosity have a nice day THANK YOOOOUUU"

  2. China
    Citizen: delivers Packages and rushes outside
    Police: Stop
    Citizens: keeps going
    Police: Saultes
    Citizen: delivers packages
    Police: iTs A bOmB
    Police: RaTaTaTaTaTa

  3. You see some would stop to look at the camera or even bring a camera to record what they are doing this man didn't do it for fame or for social media popularity he did from the bottom of his heart