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MIX #17 –


Very pleased to present the 18th instalment of this mix series which, as I always say, has been a blessing to share with you. Much respect for all the love and support on all my stuff. I filled this mix with the usual hour of soulful hip-hop and general good music that moves me. Some newer artists in there as well as my favourites who keep bringing the heat. This month is also Dilla month, so there’s a general Dilla flavour in this mix. As per, thank you for the overwhelming support for which I’m truly grateful. Hope you enjoy the mix. Peace.

I did not make and do not hold rights these tracks therefore If anyone wants me to remove any material, please do not hesitate to contact me. These mixes are made purely to express passion for music.

1. 00:00 / In the Midst of It All (feat. Sam Wills) – Tom Misch
2. 03:56 / Pounds Up! – REdefinition
3. 06:04 / Solar Flares – Thovo
4. 09:02 / Bahia Affair (feat Nardo Says) – REdefinition
5. 11:40 / Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down (Tall Black Guy Remix) – The Milk
6. 14:39 / Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World) – Common
7. 17:22 / Solitude – Thovo
8. 19:49 / Synapsis – OthaSoul
9. 22:43 / Frozen – The Age Of L.U.N.A
10. 26:20 / 8001 – Eric Lau
11. 27:28 / Sphinx Gate – Hiatus Kaiyote
12. 28:32 / Let U Know (feat Sabrina Cuie) – REdefinition
13. 31:35 / Soul Travelin (Freddie Joachim Remix) – Aso
14. 33:32 / The Love (Instrumental) – A Tribe Called Quest
15. 35:18 / Seamless – Emmavie
16. 36:49 / No Regrets (Instrumental Mix) – Eric Lau
17. 39:21 / Childhood Memories – Freddie Joachim
18. 41:07 / Magnet – Day Fly
19. 44:52 / Golden Temple feat. Mar – Freddie Joachim
20. 46:54 / Unspoken (Butterflies) – Maverick Soul
21. 49:53 / New Age Discrimination – OthaSoul prod. DMobbs
22. 52:26 / Are’ma’music – BMB aka Spacekid
23. 54:22 / Luxury – Potatohead People
24. 56:29 / No Matter What – Freddie Joachim
25. 57:47 / Slow Wave – Sivey

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  1. Opa tudo na paz?
    Então sou do Brasil e gostaria de baixar a música do Othasoul ft nikki cislyn mas não consigo achar pra download tem como me passar um link pra baixar? Thank you

  2. I am in love with this mix! Great job. I finished my homework so quickly I needed this kinda music help me stay relaxed and focused.  In my doctoral program so I have a lot of writing to do and I always want good music to listen to while conducting my research.Thank you so much I love good music!!

  3. 33.19 or so …Helluva Cross-fading /mixing….True Dopeness…The essence of BEING A TRUE DJ …Which YOU ARE …KUDOS. I listen to all of your mixes . I dont DJ anymore, but I was Dope as well!…Nowadays , I like to LISTEN to Dope DJ's like yourself! Stay true to the craft, which is a BS statement since you already DO THAT ! IKR…LOL

  4. Wake up, feel annoyed. Put on Raphael. Realize, the day can be groovy. 💚 I know I say this one every video you make bit, thank you so much for saving the shred of sanity I have left. You are an awesome influence and I don't know if you even know how much you help me with your music. Thank you 💚