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kari ( carry) poulet or chicken curry in a Senegalese style is a very famous dish in Senegal. In this Video I am going to show a simple way to make this dish and yet get a wonderful result.

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  1. Didn't know you were Guinean too. I lovey our channel but I have a question are you Fulani or mandinka like me? I'm half Fulani and half mandinka but I only speak Mandingo.

  2. Nice recipes….but I notice when someone ask u about that red pot u seems to ignore the question is dat be cuz u don't care to share dat info if not I also wld like to kno the name of it n where cld I purchase it plz

  3. Is that an ironing board on which the fryer was kept? I hope it wasn't. I've never seen anything like that fryer but it looks awesome. Quite handy.