What’s good fam? Hope all is well in your world as we move closer to closing out another glorious year, and restart fresh anew. It’s been a minute since we lounged on these smooth Chakra vibes, but the mood and moment are worth the wait. Go find that special space to relax your mind, body and spirit, and allow this Chakra Love to transport you to the place where you need to be.

Love, Peace, Harmony, & Light
Your Mans,

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  1. Music giving me life, the comments give me even more…wish we were all together in a club with this vibe, enlightening each other with the positive energy, light an love. Peace to all this meets love to all who feels this

  2. So far so good bro! The heavy bass and deep beats got me railed in like a fish on a hook😉😊 please, please, I hope the "NIGGA" word isn't played during this gown, intellectual, and sexy remix!

  3. Why the fuck can't I share some of the dopest music I've ever heard in my life with my best friend. Lol but for real this is timeless and much appreciated by those who still believe in black love

  4. Hello Azul Horizon Fans. One thing I like about These Mixes and the music brought to us from your vision is a sense of Peace. Your fans seem to share a common feeling of wanting to get away. You one of the few DJs that brings us to a mood of Love between the pictures and the music. Somehow you manage to bring us in your world and it relaxes us to just let go peacefully. I personally have been through many struggles and somehow listening to your vibes I realized it was time to share myself and sacrifice to look over a Divine Black Woman. In my life I have been an outcast in society because I love my people first and always refused to conform. with this every job I had since college I have always been on final warning. Most of the time from my own people. through it all music was always my escape. then it began to happen corporate world started taking over our mainstream music. Kids began running around lost from murder music to now drug music. It even almost was my downfall. I began to look for music in odd places. Like older Neo Soul then to African artist like Nneka, Fela Kuti, and Kiss Daniel. I wanted to come back to music from my lands. I aint think we had it. first I found DJ Rapheal and somehow ran into you. I was drawn by your pictures showing Black Love and our unquestioned beauty. As a person that helped grow the mixtape era. I used to work ay Kinkos on Queens Blvd. I had the rep of Blessing DJs with discount color copies for their Mixtape covers. DJ Clue, Doggtime, Dj SnS, and even a young DJ Envy. I watched you grow with your own style and your own following. I wish one day you give a big party and we can all meet each other cause I know something special would come from it. I just want you to know You saved me from losing my mind and you music lead me to getting Married. In 2020. I am waiting for you to make a mix that knocks down walls makes us want to take over some shit like Anansi in American Gods. For now I will continue to enjoy how you take us away from this BS world for 90minutes at a time. I officially have finish my big mouth open letter to you DJ Azul Horizon. I am about to start 3 Businesses and I need you to keep cranking them out so we all can get away and come back and keep striving. thanks for the Peaceful Moments. Peace is the Absence of All Confusion. I thank you for bringing that to your fans.

  5. Tracklist
    1. 00:00 It's Like Love by Coubo
    2. 03:13 Delight by Evil Needle
    3. 06:44 Loved by James Tillman
    4. 11:16 Gold (feat. Mick Jenkins) by High Klassified
    5. 14:13 Somewhere in Between by Braxton Cook
    6. 17:26 Parley to Parlet (feat. Ladybug Mecca) by Jazz Spastiks
    7. 21:12 23 by ESTA. & Rayana Jay
    8. 24:49 Reinvent Yo Self by Kiefer
    9. 27:32 Smooth Wit' Any Groove by FloFilz & Psalm Trees
    10. 28:57 Nina by Rapsody
    11. 33:13 The Groove by Evil Needle
    12. 35:25 NO WAY (feat. Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp, & Ambré Perkins) by TOKiMONSTA
    13. 38:25 The Rose by Elena Flury
    14. 41:32 Old Beat by Mr. Carmack
    15. 43:30 Ice by mndbd & leaf beach
    16. 45:06 Bahia Dreamin’ by Karriem Riggins
    17. 47:02 Blossoms (feat. Claire Mortifee) by Potatohead People
    18. 50:25 Reyna's Interlude by Rapsody
    19. 52:21 Getsomerest/Sleepwell by quickly, quickly
    20. 54:04 LuvPoem by ohbliv
    21. 55:55 Clearwater by Melodiesinfonie
    22. 58:16 Winding Road (feat. Elijah Fox) by Freddie Joachim
    23. 1:01:02 Black Magic (Make It Better) by Little Brother
    24. 1:04:18 Sugar (feat. K Le Maestro) by Freddie Joachim
    25. 1:06:42 Moonlight. by Keem The Cipher
    26. 1:09:06 86. by Ahwlee
    27. 1:11:27 The Fog by Freddie Joachim
    28. 1:13:56 Boombox (feat. Bluestaeb) by Mono:Massive
    29. 1:16:27 Mulled Wine by Freddie Joachim
    30. 1:19:13 The Cusp (feat. Octavio Santos) by Mecca:83
    31. 1:21:52 Intro Azul (feat. Olivia Wendlandt) by FloFilz
    32. 1:25:26 Craters (feat. PJ Morton) by Chantae Cann
    33. 1:29:18 Grind (Lex) by Mr. Carmack

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