After John Boyega’s passionate speech at a George Floyd protest in London, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil take a look at the Hollywood reaction during “ET Canada Live” from Jordan Peele, Olivia Wilde, Mark Hamill and the official “Star Wars” Twitter account.

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  2. How come only the black people don't obey orders from the police??? We don't see white, yellow, red or brown people shot by the police because they ignore the orders from the police, so the blacks should address in their community the disrespect for the authorities. Every time a black person is arrested with drugs or guns or caught stealing their response is 'because i'm black' i'm fed up of this bullshit blaming culture by the blacks and using their skin colour to portray themselves as victims. If you do something wrong you are going to face the consequences, simple. Every life matter not only the black!!!

  3. I liked his tweets very edgy I guess he just wanted more work. He’s not going offend Hollywood by pushing these agendas. He is pandering using the media just like the rest of them.

  4. Black people hate white people why don't they go back to Africa if they think we are all racist. Answer because they would be lost without white people giving them everything. Yet they will never be happy no matter what you do for them.

  5. Listen to the overprivileged rich young ranty man. Billionaires Lives Matter. Look how he's been held back and avert your eyes as he leaves in his gold plated aston martin. Keeping it real.

  6. Wow… youtube is censoring everything without the relation of content. I couldnt talk about my jeans. 🙁 So I m trying again: Black lifes matter … on the cot*o* pla*tage*…


  8. In reality, Black Lives Matter More, that's open for you to interperate what I mean by that. The anti white agenda paints non whites as the victim in America in order to dehumanize us, and once they dehumanize us they rationalize and believe they have the right to inflict harm onto us. Anti whitism accuses us of being the eternal oppressors, and white people need to start defending themselves from it. Go Free of anti whitism and YT

    Nobel Peace Prize…let me be clear to you now Barack obama  —  give the Prize back!

    The Nobel Peace Prize your friends (george soros ??) bought for you back in December 2009 mere 11 months after you had been sworn into the office in January of the same 2009 year.

    you, barack,  have done absolutely nothing of any value to deserve the honor and legacy of such prestigious Award, and you know it  —  so it is only fair and proper for you to send the Award back to Oslo, Norway — NOW would be the good time !!!

    it belongs to the person who earned it in sweat, tears and fears, imprisoned, lives risked and endangered;  he/she is out there still denied the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 that ended up in your dirty hands.

    We all know you did not earn the Nobel Peace Prize, neither did you earn the presidency of USA.  Quite the opposite, barack, you corrupted the integrity and honor of the USA by lying about your place of birth, effectively stealing the presidency from it's rightful holder. 

    Then, Barack, you proceeded to corrupt the laws and the Constitution of the USA by spying on the incoming president, attacking his supporters, undermining the new president's efforts to improve the welfare and wellbeing of its Citizens.

    As of today aug 14/20 "Obamagate" is OFFICIALLY a crime as by Judicial Watch with Tom Fitton on YouTube.
    Second topic: 

    comedienne Joan Rivers said many times to cnn and other media how Michelle Obama is really biologically a man; some months later Joan died — ??????!!!!!!!!@##@????$#@????#@!!  during a routine hospital surgery in September 2014…like clinton like obama.

    Joan also said how Trump would make a great President. 
    Rest in Peace Joan.— 

  10. This guy has a problem, I mean a BIG problem, there is no doubt that the BLM is a Marxist movement designed to de-stabilize the Government of the day, I can not understand why there are so many silly people showing up at these rallies to support these Marxists.

  11. BLM are racists see how they go on .They don't care about white people brown yellow etc.The UK are not Racist and black people are not oppressed in the uk.Why was all this not happening before George Floyd died.All lives matter means everyone Black brown yellow white etc.Blm are Racist.