Republican presidential nominee accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘bigotry,’ says she talks down to communities of color

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  1. I'm not voting for Trump! He represent the 1%, greedy corporation, Christian radicals & racist Americans. He will not protect the interest of women & the other 99% of us. Wake up America!!!

  2. #MakeAmericaGreat should not, thus does not, lack for examples of policies, that have 'failed' for minorities.  Pandering to any one person based upon gender, race, color or origin (nationality).  WE are FOR Americans.  IF, we continue to point out people based upon these criteria, WE are 'acknowledging' their different.  To 'unite' U.S., we must 'ignore' this criteria for appealing for their vote to Make America Great.  IF, you are an American, Trump is speaking to YOU.  The 'legal' voter who benefits or 'should' benefit by voting for the Make America Great campaign and Trump.

  3. His punk ass will NEVER get my vote!!! Stick to his base… the Old White Male and his wife… and the Broke White Male and his girlfriend. Hillary will win this in a landslide. 10 million votes will win primaries but you'll need close to 60 million to win the general election. And that's not gonna happen without the black and Hispanic vote…

  4. Interesting conversation… #DanaPerino #GerogeBush #EricBolling #KimberlyGuilfoyle #JuanWilliams #GregGutfeld #DonaldTrump #RudyGiuliani-

    I just spoke with a police officer who trains bomb sniffing dogs –
    I asked a point blank question-
    Do police officers as a whole think HRC is against them –
    He said YES –

    This police officer went on to say –
    By HRC's stance at the DNC honoring
    the parents of the people slain by police officers
    (Noting: Done in self-defense…
    Having been acquitted by going through the legal process.)

    Police officers across the nation believe that HRC and the DNC's
    stance – Sends Chilling and Dangerous signal for the criminal element to "Go For It"
    "We agree with and identify with you…"
    And that stance set a dangerous precedent –

    (Note: It is not enough for it to come out of Donald Trumps mouth.
    Others affected by this need to speak out…)

    With a nod to that apparent universal veracity of this sentiment –

    He spoke of a decorated military person – he recently worked with –
    training these highly intelligent dogs for military – police- Secret Service
    threat assessment and protection details-

    This person told him face to face – As matter of fact –
    Recently when working on a detail team for HRC with bomb sniffing dogs –

    She Cussed them out –
    Told the team to get the F…
    Off Her plane.

    She didn't want them or
    their F…ing dogs on Her plane-

    This person then said, "I'll go work for someone who appreciates
    the fact that we are willing to lay down our lives in the service of our nation
    and its security". and did so.

    Then went on to contrast similar past bomb threat assessment details for #GerogeBush … and said the total opposite was true.

    GHWB was thankful for their willingness to support –
    protect and serve their nation – Its people and their leaders.

    This person then stated he had been there:
    Where if (GB) had woken at 3 am and looked out the door
    at the assessment team working –

    On different occasions GB said –
    Half of you keep at it –
    The other half come have breakfast with us…

    And that BHO and HRC, did not want them around them at all—

    (I think that's Odd – Why would BHO – HRC – be so hostile…
    are they hiding something)…


  5. All that's going to happen now is he'll continue getting less and less support, because his bread and butter supporters are uneducated white collar workers and just about all the others who once considered voting for him will either not vote at all or go for one of the outsider candidates.

  6. Not unless he gets one of those Men In Black Statue of Liberty memory wipers and deletes the entire internet of all the intolerant shit he says.

  7. you know who is doing the most killing?legalized abortion clinics at massive rates,the Democrats continue to fund them,Trump said he will stop funding them and bring it back to the level of doctor and patient.thats something all sides can come together and fight for VOTE TRUMP.

  8. This country was designed to screw black people. Trump epitomizes 'birtherism' and white privilege.  Republican party is no longer the party of Lincoln. They might as well change their name to the Racist party because "R" is for Racist.

  9. Donald Trump must continue speaking to Black Americans until WE begin to listen, understand, and finally support him as the Next President of USA. Also bring other Black American on the Trump Campaign to help. I am VOTING FOR DONALD TRUMP! He is the leader America needs

  10. Why would black Americans want to continue living in poverty and violence, with drugs, gangs, and hopelessness like they have in their democrat party cities and under Obama?  Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  11. In answer to: Can Trump sway AA voters? NO, he can't. Now, I will ask another question then answer it, like politicians do. Is there anything Trump can do to win the AA vote? NO. Will AAs ever vote Republican? NO. You're wasting your time Donald.

  12. If Mr Trump wasn't a racist who incited hate there's a possibility me as a black voter would vote for him. U also have to understand I'm not voting for Hilary and I will be voting for Jill stein