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Can the Black Lives Matter movement & law enforcement find middle ground? We brought them together to discuss the challenges each side faces and how we can all work together to resolve those issues. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  1. Sometimes in reality, most blacks are usually afraid of the police because they think the police are the villains and the enemy at the same time. So black people are more traumatized by law enforcement.

  2. 6:57 why did only two people think that all lives matter( not talking about the movement, just saying all lives matter) that’s kind of weird tho! I believe that all lives matter but do not believe in the movement because it’s pushes black lives matter aside.

  3. Great videos amazing discussions from two different yet same point of views I think most of these debates are great when people go in with a open non judgemental mindset people learning and growing their views and exchanging experiences especially if it brings people to a general consensus

  4. Why do we treat the woman in the red as some sort of saint cop? She's defintley a great person but the thing is most cops are like this. The things that media does to people man…

  5. I have never heard a black guy prefer to be called brown. And I no this for a fact because I have many friends who are black no I’m not saying that to make my argument seem more racially just I’m saying that because I have friends who are black.

  6. angry man and BLM feels as though they are to be superior…and what I hear when I hear ALL lives matter is just that ALL people deserve the same…not victim oh poor me…equality and everyone is the same. Until EVERYONE understands that we all matter and we all contribute in some way shape of form we will always have these extremest who think they are superior. BLM is an organization who believes they are superior. Can you imagine if we had a movement that said hey ALL WHITE LIVES MATTER…yeah I know…we did and the KKK also should burn in hell

  7. When a cop is being paid $15 (YES $15 in a lot of places) how much do you expect from them? They need help…and those other "services" don't want to leave their comfy homes at 2am to go to a call. Maybe they should start putting a counselor and or a metal health professional on every shift with them – mandatory. Better yet all these people who think they can call the shots from the sidelines…how about you do a month or two as a ride along…I'm thinking your view points might just take a turn!