A Berkeley, California mom recorded a disturbing interaction with a man who was ripping down her Chalk for Justice: Black Lives Matter posters in her neighborhood.

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  1. "No that's not the majority" what a joke she just brushes the fact aside, cusses in front of her kids then shame him and is just an absolute trash person. BLM is a racist hate group and if you don't know that you are uneducated & ignorant.

  2. Hell with BLM!!! They are destroying the country for their Anarchist/Marxist agenda. I support this man 1,000%. The lady recording the video is a complete mindless moron, who is ignoring what is really going on in the world around her.

  3. All I see are fucking discusting
    trump supporters Ewwww omg I’m getting out of her and BLM, and if you die early yak why,❤️ @ABC7 news Bay Area you have all the rights to support BLM and these idiots calling u a Karen 🙄 are just trump supporters with no soul and just lil kids playin Mario and don’t know wut they talking about so keep posting and supporting BLM because I gotcha and I always will support BLM, ty for posting this by I’m working on something with my school I’m in high school and I teamed up with the principals boss and working on a project so their can be diversity in schools and it’ll be heard in school every morning and I also want others to do this don’t be shy you prob r saving some ppl from it. BLM

  4. Law enforcement in general is not racist. We have cop's on our force that are black asian hispanic etc and alot of people that are not white have been protected and saved by officers including white officers.

  5. How come only the black people don't obey orders from the police??? We don't see white, yellow, red or brown people shot by the police because they ignore the orders from the police, so the blacks should address in their community the disrespect for the authorities. Every time a black person is arrested with drugs or guns or caught stealing their response is 'because i'm black' i'm fed up of this bullshit blaming culture by the blacks and using their skin colour to portray themselves as victims. If you do something wrong you are going to face the consequences, simple. Every life matter not only the black!!!

  6. This is what ignorant people project as their stance on a movement they don't understand. People with too much time on their hands, not researching the facts, allowing their emotions to take over. We need more like this guy than these idiot cell phone camera junkies who love to capture shit!!