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Inspired by THC.

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  1. Yall got any beats without generic structure? Like ya 'If i expected love' beat..
    No diss, its just these are all follow the same verse hook structure that writing to them means predictable songs ever time in regards to structural dynamics.
    Id buy more beats if they had some variants, key changes, tempo shifts, prechoruses etc.. something to challenge an mc

  2. 0:04
    girl you got them brown eyes
    so pretty in disguise
    you got the poetic justice, janet jackson kind of eyes
    are you down to ride?
    you got the chillin outside
    watching the kids type of eyes,
    the seductive diva, whitney houston bright eyes,
    the bodyguard couldn't save you with those mighty eyes
    you still got the stubborn but charming vibe of eyes
    i don't know how you could treat him like that shiny eyes
    that romantic slow jamz kanye west fine eyes
    that goofy and funny good times type of eyes
    the entanglement, jada pinkett smith lying eyes

    tell me what you guys think!!