Continuing controversy over the future of some public statues, and protests by the Black Lives Matter movement, are shining a new light on aspects of Britain’s imperial past.

For the latest in a series of reports considering the legacy of imperialism, Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Fergal Keane, who has been to the province of Munster in the Republic of Ireland, one of the early testing grounds of British colonialism.

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  1. Churchill has a lot to answer for too he send the black n tans here but throughout history with the uk the irish subjugated people too history between the uk and Ireland is very chequered 1000 books would never answer it

  2. 1 – M I L L I O N – D I E D – in the famine – while ships full of grain and livestock left Irish ports for England. Today, Britain looks on it's imperial past with shame and regret, yet it STILL practices it today by occupying six counties of another country!
    tabhair dúinn ár dtír ar ais.

  3. I'm English I DO NOT bend down against the actions of my ancestors …. I hold my head up high in admiration in all they have achieved in any way needed



    why do we celebrate a Caribean VOODOO canabalistic carnival here in England although it is London granted

  4. Modern day terrorists BBC fergal keane i can see the bitter twisted slanted biased news coverage i see why his father Kerry born was a alcoholic failed actor. This is example why the BBC has lost respect with the British public.

  5. Wow I cant believe the BBC aired this. The British state/media usually make an effort to be completely biased and ignore the british involement in Ireland to keep their population ignorant of the british states shameful past.
    Then again this video is pretty tame in its description of the colonisation, poorly researched and still rose tinted for a british audience.

  6. Ireland after 1801 was viewed as British though and took an active part in the British empire. The penal laws didn’t just affect the Irish they also notably affected the welsh, who still retained their catholic faith until the latter part of the 18th century though.

  7. The Irish were made slaves. The enslavers own accounts highlight this!Just like the Nazi's recorded all their controls!
    fergal keane 'OBE' selectively writes for his british crown bias,

    he is one of a long line of uncle tomas 'craft'smen who write in confirmation bias whilst carefully trying to look impartial informative!
    ignoring or leave out the parts purposely whilst trying to look impartial informative!

    Keane you can be certain found the so called impartial knowledgeable witness!

    But the so called history teacher and students must have not got to the parts which highlight the clear enslavement and stolen identities of thousands Irish. (likeley millions of descendants today in ignorance of their Irish origins)

     Ironic and peverse to think that many of the 'we are not Irish' but so called british prod of Ireland, (those who typically have no credible religion or culture of any kind)
    are actually descended from the poorest of Irish from the perverse eliabethan and later cromwells time and even later times under the Hanoverian 'invention of the british state.

    Millions of descendants are alive around the world from Irish natives who were stolen enslaved and identities rewritten

    At least 60,000 Irish children murdered in the name of so called Protestant Anglican conversion.
    Many more Irish had their origin and names taken and given new ones to convert into good little english / british protestants.

  8. I have heard that the Irish were made slaves during the sixteen hundreds. I think they were sent to the Caribbean and and were treated very badly, taken from their families and cost less to buy than other slaves.

  9. The BBC are beyond useless now. We are bored of the race baiting
    Go and knock on lord Rothchilds door if you want accountability. Stop saying British as if Working and Middle classes could afford funding Manopolies. Same story today. If BP exploits is it British people exploiting No. Infact they took from Britain to develop the Colonies. Which by the way were not even run by Parliament, they were Private entities sponsored by the Crown. You know that so stop wasting our time. If you want accountability go and look at the Company's that were part of it and go to their descendants some are actually still alive that took part.

  10. My grandmother was Church of Ireland and forced to leave her home and come to live in England. If you want to know true bigotry and prejudice read up on the way the Irish treated protestants in ireland once they no longer had British protection.

  11. Scotland should break free from England too. Since 1701 they have been oppressed by governments they never voted for. It wasn't Scotland who voted Conservati ve. It wasn't Scotland who voted for Brexit. Their political mindset is so different to England. Saor Alba! May Scotland, it's people and it's culture be free from English rule.

  12. There was also a lot of positive aspects of English rule in Ireland: we got the English language, a national rail network, wide roads and streets in our major towns and cities

  13. The English have forgotten and forgiven the Vikings for their pillaging and the Romans and Normans for their conquest but old Fergus Walsh & the BBC are not going to let go and sure to remind everyone of the red herring of the insignificant 1500's Elizabethan Munster settlement. Move on BBC.