Brian Regan returns to The Tonight Show with jokes about being diagnosed with OCD and what it’s like managing the disorder.

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Brian Regan Stand-Up


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  1. Somewhere along the trail, Brian must hast pissed off some big shot. I mean, he's hilarious, intelligent and way successful. Somebody should have him on a sitcom or I dunno. Maybe HBO Specials. I love the guy!!!

  2. This was tough to watch. I’m not usually the type to be overly sensitive but as a huge Brian Regan fan this was rough. He says someone is in complete agony on the floor and makes a joke that insinuates having OCD couldn’t relate. But I can tell you that those with actual and severe OCD can fully relate. I would rather be on the floor with my arm cut off than have this disorder. Little quirks of having to check things a few times or organize things a certain way are not OCD. In order to have OCD not only does it have to literally take up HOURS of your day, but it also has to consist of both intrusive/unwanted/unpleasant thoughts and feelings but also neutralizing behaviors and compulsions. OCD is ranked one of the top most disabling mental illnesses you can have with an extremely high suicide rate. I wonder if he did a segment making fun and light of suicide if it would get the same support and response. Although I wouldn’t wish OCD on my worst enemy, sometimes I wish others could understand what OCD really is.

  3. I'm ready for the "you're being sensitive" comments but I have to stand up for the millions of people who actually have OCD and the fact that they do suffer in silence. Yes suffer because it's the third worst mental illness and the D stands for disorder. Its not a fun, silly, I like things neat and orderly, quirk. Its a mental illness that cost people their lives. And for Brian to be this uneducated on what OCD really is, is sad.

  4. This was pure genius I don't know anybody that can go out there and remember all that and say it the way he does! Seen him live a couple times absolutely hilarious!

  5. my god brian why are you starting to look like dane cook XD change that look immediately , hands down one of my favorite comics and highly underrated .

  6. I keep seeing comments on the internet about how funny this guy is, but I'm still trying to find actual evidence to prove those claims.

  7. This was really good. Not only did he make a very funny and clever bit, he also acknowledged that OCD is misunderstood and misrepresented and actually portrayed it more accurately, and comically, which for someone with OCD is very refreshing.

  8. You all remember the day the science project was due? waking up that morning ? your head would pop up off the pillow.. “oh no that’s due today. I had 9 months to work on it and I did nothing. I have a cardboard box 📦

  9. LOL !!!!! I sometimes organize clothes in department stores when the racks are messed up . . . don't even realize it at first . . . .LOL

  10. Regan is one of my all time favorite comedians. This is a brilliant example of how a comic sits on an idea for a while discovering over time how one joke relevant to the idea opens doors for other nested jokes. By the time the different avenues have percolated, he then pieces them together in a seamless tapestry for a 5 minute segment. We see the end result, but man I’d love to see his notepad.

  11. … I was trying to watch an instructional video today … did the same thing , so I started to follow my lack of following and poor concentration …
    I'm not gonna say how bad I am but … it's bad