Megan and I make a delicious classic Brandy Tart or like we call it Brandewyn tert if you are Afrikaans. This tart is very simple to make I will list all the ingredients below. We used Olofberg Brandy but you can use what ever brandy you have, this is just what I drink and we have currently with the lock down in place.
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You will need the following
1. Cake Flower
2. Sugar
4.Bicarbonate of Soda
5.Baking Powder
7.Brandy of your choice if you do use brandy.
8.Topping of your choice

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Greenscreen Effect Used – Thank’s go to Varroasis

Green screen asap naruto – Bng Lahal

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  1. 80 Degreess . Meghan:"eeerrrr Celsuis LOLOLOL" Woooooot your not allowed alcohol during lockdown!!!! The shots are great , like watching a cooking show 🙂 liking the science edit part, the tart looks soft and yummy 🙂