Black History First: Bessie Coleman
First African American Female Pilot

Bessie Coleman was an American civil aviator who became the first African American woman to earn an aviation pilot license.
Born in 1892 to a family of sharecroppers in Texas, Coleman developed an early interest in flying. Since American flight schools did not admit women nor African Americans, Bessie moved to France to become a licensed pilot.

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  1. Miss Bessie Coleman (1892 to 1926) Langston University Oklahoma 1 semester. French Federation Aeronautical International Flight School.
    Captain Robert Bernard Tresville Jr. (1921 to 1944) PENNsylvania State University 1 year, USMA West Point Class of 01/1943 US Army Air Corps Tuskegee Airman
    World War 2.
    Ensign Jesse LeRoy Brown (1926 to 1950) Ohio State University US Navy U.S.S. Leyte CVA-32 Combat Aviator Korea Conflict 1950.
    Major Robert Henry Lawrence Jr (1935 to 1967) Bradley University B.S. Degree Chemistry 1956 Ohio State University Ph.D Physical Chemistry 1965 US Air Force NASA Astronaut Program 1967 1st Black Astronaut selected.
    Ronald Erwin McNair (1950 to 1986) North Carolina A&T State University B.S. Degree Engineering 1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Ph.D Degree Physics 1976 Astronaut awarded The Congressional Space Medal of Honor Space Shuttle Challenger STS 51 L 01/1986.
    Lieutenant Colonel Michael Philip Anderson (1959 to 2003) University of Washington B.S. Degree Physics and Astronomy 1981 Masters of Science Degree Creighton University Omaha Nebraska 1991 US Air Force Astronaut awarded The
    Congressional Space Medal of Honor Space Shuttle Columbia STS 107 02/2003.