Protestors and counter-protestors argue as “Black Lives Matter” and “Take It Down” are written in chalk by protestors outside of Allendale Township Hall on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020. Activists from Justice for Black Lives, TakeItDown! Allendale, and MACRA came to protest Civil War statue in the Township’s “Garden of Honor”. Activists from Justice for Black Lives, TakeItDown! Allendale, and MACRA came to protest the statutes of a Confederate soldier and Black slave boy in the Township’s “Garden of Honor”. The protestors were able to complete “Black Lives Matter” without protestors standing in the letters. All of the chalk was removed with buckets of water by counter-protestors after the event concluded. STORY:

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  1. How come only the black people don't obey orders from the police??? We don't see white, yellow, red or brown people shot by the police because they ignore the orders from the police, so the blacks should address in their community the disrespect for the authorities. Every time a black person is arrested with drugs or guns or caught stealing their response is 'because i'm black' i'm fed up of this bullshit blaming culture by the blacks and using their skin colour to portray themselves as victims. If you do something wrong you are going to face the consequences, simple. Every life matter not only the black!!!

  2. We are in CIVIL WAR 2. 200 years after the first Civil War, we’re still fighting the same basic race war. It’s murderous racist white supremacists doing ETHNIC CLEANSING GENOCIDE against the rest of the American public.

  3. I don't get it why people still admire or Love Donald Trump he's a big disappointment to god.First he build the wall then he accused that Mexico is the 2nd deadliest country after Syria like COME ON!!! WHERE ALSO A TERRIBLE COUNTRY WITH ALL THIS DRUGS,RACISM,RAPISTS,PROTEST, AND SO MUCH MORE NOT ONLY HE BUILD THAT WALL BUT TRUMP'S ADMINISTRATION DETAINS NEARLY 70,000 IMMIGRANT CHILDREN IN CELLS AND SEPARATING THEM FROM THEIR FAMILIES!!!

    But not only that he caused Incitement of violence.

    One day he encouraged his supporters and even armed forces to attack his political opponents.

    To prove that he's a rapist or pedophile he once said "If Ivanka wasn't my daughter, I would date her"like come on now was he born in Alabama that's just disgusting >:O

    He lied about $6 Million Dollars of donations to veterans groups on his telethon.He lied about dozens of secret terrorist cases in this country.He lied about opposing a war in Iraq but there's video of him supporting it.

    Here's a question for all of his supporters. He once said on the campaign, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters" How can anyone support him after he shows such low regard for his supporters?

  4. The justice system is a complete joke designed to extort and enslave those that come through the door seeking justice and murder citizens to create disparity. The supreme court needs to be dismantled as it has greatly contributed to social disfunction of the society with the display of injustice  from the institution.
    The racist and corrupt police department colluding and skimming with the DA and coercing the jurors to continue to perpetuate slave tendencies and separate families with harsh sentencing  for minor crimes while enriching the stake holders of the correction facilities.
    The entire system (financial, political, justice) is working against it's citizens to enrich the riches and maintain status quo.

  5. Its ALL propaganda aimed at Trump and the 2020 Election. Democrats have nothing to run on and no candidates that can beat him. Trump is exposing the corruption and no one likes it. Sad..blacks are still allowing white elites to use them as pawns in their political games

  6. Just amazing that most of BLM are liberal guilty white people. WTF are you guilty of? We fought for civil rights for ALL people in the 60's and you all are trying to take us back in time 50 years

  7. All lives matter there are not only one race in this world
    Farmers in South Africa gets murdered every day and no one cares not even the corrupt government in S.A.

  8. My relatives fought for both the Confederacy and Union. In the south we still have respect for our ancestors. Loyalty, particularly family loyalty is respected. The thought of a mob tearing down a historical monument to people who died fighting for their country is an insult to all civilized people. May the morons rot in hell.

  9. Take your "chalk " message over to Chicago. In my opinion, this so-called " movement " has set race relations back 50 years. Just wondering if any of the funds donated to BLM has actually gone to black families, or was it just turned over to the Democrat party. Notice how the media keeps reporting on this crap.

  10. Disappointed in your reporting Mlive. Did you forget what BLM brought to GR a couple months ago? Stop covering this Marxist propaganda. Lets hear about something real.