The Black Lives Matter movement sparked by the police killing of African-American George Floyd have been spreading worldwide over the past few weeks.

And for Asians, racial discrimination is nothing new.

Amid the protests, Asian businesses in many cities across the US have been struck by looters and vandals which led Asians to stage their own campaign against racism.

So this time, we went out to the streets to listen to what Koreans think about the ongoing protests from an Asian perspective.
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    All you have to do is read the BLM charter on their own website to see what these radical loons are all about. They don’t have a thing to with black lives. They are a wholesale attempt to commit a coup and replace everything in US with their own Marxist radical oppressive racist agenda. If black lives really matter, then why are more black babies aborted than born alive? They want to do away with the family, Christianity, law & order and much more to further their selfish radical goals. BLM is BAD NEWS for every single American, black Americans especially. Do not support this group in any way including those companies who blindly give them millions.

  2. No one understands until it happens to them.. To hate and criminalize humans based on skin color is ridiculous… whom wakes up daily like that what a waste… God will judge you for hating and 400 years , slavery, black codes, Jim Crow , Colfax massacre, the list is so long.. God said everything he made is beautiful….Stop worshiping ppl and worship the creator

  3. Конечно конченный перевод не даёт моего восприятия оно звучит так ''негры главные расисты ''

  4. It takes a lot of research, even for an American, to dig for the truth because our Mainstream media IS Fake and biased and all have a political agenda, no doubt. OF COURSE I believe that Black Lives Matter too (duh!) but I do NOT agree with the organization itself. If you haven’t visited their official website, I encourage you to do so and read for yourself. Don’t just rely on Social Media for the truth. The founders are self proclaimed Marxist’s and they aren’t even registered as a non profit, so their money feeds into the DNC. Those are just a couple of reasons why but there is so much more. I believe in peaceful protest and police reform, but I also look at FACTS and statistics. Why aren’t there protests about black on black crime, or why planned parenthood have been strategically placed in minority neighborhoods where black babies make up the highest percentage of aborted babies (look up Margaret Sanger), or outrage over children getting killed on the streets of Chicago? Statistically, Those are the issues that are killing our black brothers and sisters. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

    Rioting, lawlessness, looting, civilian murders and divisive narrative is what I am AGAINST. Since when did it makes sense to fight racism with more racism? Also, Nobody is standing up for the Asians who have experienced racism. Here’s a start- YouTube, Chinese man attacked by black man in San Francisco. There isn’t a protest for THAT kind of racism cause it doesn’t fit the political agenda🤦🏻‍♀️
    No hate, only LOvE.
    #walkaway #blexit #onlyJesus #independent #freethinker

  5. To be fairly honest if I was Korean I would have a difficult time supporting BLM after the LA riots. Several Asian Americans had their life destroyed for something they weren't involved in.

  6. People think it's ok for them not to support it because "Black people don't support the racism that comes towards them. But, why would we want people to stop being racist towards us and not spread awareness everywhere else? Stop thinking you know every black person because you obviously don't.

  7. They are right tho
    Americans stood up for the #blacklivesmatter but many asians especially EAST asians are being discriminated and treated very badly in America and parts of Europe, they obviously will pay more attention to the racism they are facing just because they are asians. But they genuinely support the #blm and americans or europeans or just any foreigner have this thought that "all Koreans are like kpop idols (bts, bp, RV, twice, exo, shinee etc)" And this is wrong, because when they meet them they define them as "ugly" "Small eyes" And much more… I've even seen people asking "have you met bts??" "Aren't all Koreans idols??" No, not all Koreans are idols not all Koreans met or even know bts, don't just act before you even know them. People now hate Asia (east Asia) because according to people "sicknesses come from such countries" Asians never intended to bring sickness it's just their food and we can't do anything to change it, at the same time countries will always accept their products because they are "natural" "Cheap" etc…. I am an Asian (south Asia) I personally have never experienced racsim, I even have many east Asian friends and I see that they are treated unfairly as compared to South asians, west asians (middle East, gulf countries), Europeans or even Americans, they literally show DISGUST when they see an east Asian. And I am not happy about it!! Black lives Matter and so does all lives!!!