Former FBI Counterterrorism Director Terry Turchie says the Black Lives Matter movement “is all too familiar” to the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party groups of the 1960s and 1970s.

“No one has read what Black Lives Matter has written as far as their plan, but it bears a great similarity to what the Black Panther Party was saying back then,” Mr Turchie told Sky News.

“The Black Panther Party was a Marxist Maoist Leninist organisation and that came from Huey Newton, one of the co-founders, who said we’re standing for nothing more than the total transformation of the United States government.

“He went on to explain that they wanted to take the tension that already existed in black communities and exacerbate it where they can.

“To take those situations where there is a tinderbox and light the country on fire,” Mr Turchie said.

“Today we’re seeing the third revolution and they think they can make this happen.

“The only thing that is different are the names of the groups.”

Image: AP

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  1. The BLM founders in the US have admitted they are Marxists. One of their mouth pieces said that if they don't get what they want they will burn the country to the ground.

  2. Yep as in BLM and the BS “news” (but more like opinion) media are literally intent on destroying our country and dividing us rather than uniting for a common cause. They don’t actually want change, they want to keep the poor reliant on welfare by enticing them with the smallest amount of “free” aid possible. It’s a literal disaster and since Trump was actually improving the numbers he is constantly attacked and accused by a bunch of lefties with the wool pulled permanently over their eyes & ears….too bad those mouths spewing falsified information aren’t stuffed with wool too!!!

  3. Look at everyone argue here. No one seems to 'get it'. Both Parties are corrupt and have been for decades.
    Wake up America, you're being deceived on both sides of Party lines!

  4. Wow! I somehow distrust when everything that is wrong with the world is blamed on one side. Our country was founded through revolution because the rulers wouldn’t listen. SAME TODAY. There is corruption on both sides. Are you really believing all these conspiracy theories? There is no virus, there is no climate change, those in power are totally innocent. Not so much.
    Hate is now the real religion. Pull a gun! Step on someone’s neck. Destroy businesses. We have no real leadership. I don’t see anyone waiting in the wings to MAGA. POTUS is certainly not doing it. If it isn’t about economics, he is out of his league. They will all make promises and then revert to their own agenda. WE THE PEOPLE is lost. It’s all about manipulation.

  5. The people that support BLM are fools! The beginning is always about individual rights but, quickly changes as they gain power! It’s started with Floyd, and in 3 weeks it’s about capitalism and restructuring the whole
    Country! They openly admit they are communists, and based on their lack of humanity I’m sure it would be a blood bath like every other revaluation! In the American revolution we had genus’s not morons with a grudge! Venezuela is there model, I’m sure their education was in the humanities!

  6. The F.B.I., the most honest organisation in the world. J Edgar, while wearing his mother's underwear, eavesdropped on Martin Luther King Jr.

    Black Lives Matter are nothing like The Black Panthers. They are not a socialist or revolutionary group. All they want is a piece of the neoliberal pie, as evidenced by their meeting with Killary Clinton and denouncement of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat leader election a few years ago. They are a bunch of liberal clowns.

  7. True AMERICANS do NOT embrace this BLM mentality. The Democrats are desperate as sh*! They are exploiting tragic events and using them to advance their agenda.

  8. History repeating its self, again and again, and again….but nobody seems to learn any lessons from history, and those that dont learn from history, they will simply repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Lunacy has now become main stream policy, and our leaders sadly are expecting the masses, to conform to the lunacy. God help the thinking man…

  9. I have zero confidence in todays FBI. We see the kind of leadership its had recently with Comey and Strzok and others. All the FBI seems to have interest in today is combating "right wing extremism" or "white nationalism" as if thats somehow the #1 threat. Only the #1 threat when the Bureau is commanded by Marxists.

  10. Capitalism doesnt work huh? Oh it just helped make us the greatest country to ever exist thats all. Clearly doesnt work. Marxists, Socialists and Communists are truly deranged.

  11. Im not gonna bend a knee or apologize for something i didnt do.
    The officer needs to be charged with murder.
    Anyone looting rioting etc needs to be charged to the full extent of the law. Any one killing or assisting such under the blanket of antifa and blm needs to be charged with terrorism.

  12. So far the civil war has been online, but as this stuff keeps going on and more destruction happens, the sleeping giant of the American spirit is going to awaken. True militia will line the streets as 250 million people ban together to stop all of this chaos. When we are done, the career politicians who have held office for 15+ years will be dragged from their seats and thrown into jail for crimes against humanity. Trust me, the evidence is mounting up and the true patriots are getting tired!

    Our 1A and 2A are the most important laws in our country. It is what allows us to be free. The middle class who works hard everyday to build this great country will have the last word against all evil people looking to destroy our great country!

  13. To all whi te people around the world: youre not alone! Together we will overcome the racist attacks from BLM fascists and other racist groups who attack us and we will destroy them!

  14. Setting the US mindset on fire is what is meant. Don’t link what you call antifa with BLM. If you knew anything about progressive politics you would realise that antifa is a MSM title for a disparate group of different organisations. We don’t hate capitalism we just think it is no longer necessary,move on up to digital currencies and shared resources systems