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The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.

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  1. As a black woman with a mother that’s a police officer, I hate hearing people speak about the police community as if they are all terrible…but that’s not true. Not everyone who wears a badge is some monster and people need to be made aware of that, especially for the people who’ve maybe never encountered a police officer and the ones who are growing up in this period of time. People see the hand full of shitty people and label that entire community bad when that’s far from the truth you know. They are plenty of good hearted police officers out there who truly look out for the community, they don’t just do it for shits and giggles. They’re not all monsters.

    Edit: I’m considerably late to this episode.

  2. That white 'protestor' that was trying to herd people over to the police station to be violent was likely an undercover cop. The cops are staging a propaganda war and the more the protesters seem violent the more they can silence the need for change. That's why you get things like cop cars mysteriously showing up on fire or random piles of bricks in the path of the protests. There has been ample evidence of cops dressed as protestors but wearing wires and bulletproof vests trying to escalate the situations.

  3. The comment about the kid being made fun of for his hair gave me major flashbacks. I'm multiracial (white, black, and Native American according to 23andMe), who wasn't raised by my parents so I didn't know what my ethnicity was, and it also confused my classmates. For the most part I was white passing, but my hair was more black. Which meant that without proper black hair products, my hair was constantly a bushy mess, no matter how much effort went into brushing my hair.
    I remember kids picking on me all the time, and making me feel ugly. People teasing me that I should just cut off all my hair. It was so humiliating.

  4. 100% Non Violent. Bet you wish you did your homework back in 2016? Check out a fellow YouTuber, TimCast his video today. August 11, 2020. You guys are pure comedy!!

  5. If you are looking at this comment you DO NOT have to choose Trump or Biden!!!! You have the option of voting on a different candidate his name is Howie Hawking and to start he is the "green" party, which means his principles are based on social injustice, environmentalism, and also non-violence. He hopes for world peace. Please consider voting on this man, maybe he can bring a change. I am telling everyone this because I want to push forward in helping against racism I am only seventeen years old and I am actively signing petitions for helping spread awareness/change and also freeing people from prison due to social injustice, I also post updates on my social media…I just hope that America can be fixed! We should stop letting this be the land of police brutality, ignorance, a country that benefits off of the misfortunes of others and to make it the land of the free. (the land of the truly free.)

  6. 56:28 Trump isn’t telling people to go out of their way to kill each other! He is telling us to protect ourselves. Example: the Louisiana couple that got threatened by a “peaceful” mob. That is an oxymoron. They can’t be a peaceful mob and no one can say they were peaceful cause they broke into a private neighborhood and broke down the couples gate. It is terrible that they had their guns taken away. Those were the only things that kept them from almost certain death.

  7. 51:20 So we shouldn’t support the community and the businesses who had their lives destroyed? Yes it is terrible that people are dying but that doesn’t mean that destroying others lives is justified. “It’s ridiculous” that people are helping Zach? No what is ridiculous is people thinking it’s ok to eliminate someone’s life’s work and their source of income.

  8. Just want to point out 4 bullshit points,

    1. The Cops are more prepared vs Hospitals because Hospitals expect and need the Citizens to at least try and stay healthy. But Cops, are more likely to run into a bad situations because that’s their only purpose. Stop a bad situation.

    2. Cops are the only aggressors, if you claim to be honest than be honest. In every group there are aggressors not just one sided.

    3. The National Guard can only mobilize on orders from your States Mayor. Why not Protest them directly?

    4. If you want to be apart of the,” I am a Victim” at least be a victim. There are bigger problems that people are trying to solve like the actual inequality. You adding your BS isn’t helping. It’s just nagging.

    Other than that, you guys are sorta going in the right direction.

  9. in tears. as a black trans man, thank you. i have been so tired and exhausted from constantly having to explain why black lives are worthwhile in this country. its been about a month and a half since this podcast aired. we have made some progress but still have mountains to climb. we need more people like you to help amplify our voices to others who might not necessarily care to hear us or simply aren't in circles who go out of their way to learn. this is so needed. please continue to help spread the word and help educate others.

  10. I truly appreciate how Miles, Keith and Ned actively supported Eugene and Zach and left space for them as poc to lead this conversation. As for Zach I am so thankful he recognizes his privilege as a white passing pic and is using it accordingly. And hearing Eugene's speech really touched me and I am so thankful for him using his platform and so much for actively supporting the black community and calling out his fellow poc who are not being as supportive. I love all of y'all. Thank you so damn much.

  11. Miles speaking about the difference between the police’s gear vs what health care professionals have been given as far as PPE goes, it makes me heated. My friends shouldn’t have to reuse the same N95 mask all day while police have access to riot gear

  12. I watched this and mi feel we shouldnt be lucky to be white we should be able to be who we are and when people call cops on our community for no reason black people shouldnt be scared !!!!!!!!! #BLACKLIVESMATTER. BE PROUD OF BEING BLACK

  13. Helping other white people recognize their own privilege has been very hard. I am white, so I try to explain my own so that they can relate, but so many people just refuse to really hear this. Stay strong, everyone. It's our responsibility to stand up and speak out EVERY TIME it is required, not just when we're comfortable. Much love to the Try Guys.

  14. There’s no more denying because of social media. Before social media people(especially white people) could deny what was happening because the news won’t really reporting it but now we have camera phones and social media so you can deny it anymore or hide from the true

  15. Thank you Try Guys for using your platform to amplify the voices of black people.

    …in the sense of telling everyone to go to black people's platforms. Like…thank you so much for redirecting it to those platforms.

  16. To say that the level of violence in these protests is less than 10% is a LIE . I agree with peaceful protesting, but there has been quite A LOT of GREEDY OPPORTUNISTS who chose to turn the protests into RIOTS, by burning property they didn't own and didn't work to help build . I understand the reason for the protests themselves was and IS justified . I just HATE it when some of us who were there, want to SUGAR-COAT or PULL A RUG OVER the folks that came to the protests with whatever they could use to burn down businesses that had NOTHING to do with the protests AT ALL, and the THIEVES that broke into shops, STEALING CLOTHES, TVs, COMPUTERS, CASH and whatever else they wanted, CLAIMING they're doing it in George Floyd's memory ? I also HATE the fact that NOBODY CARED ENOUGH when Ahmaud Arbery was killed for jogging in a white neighborhood to start protesting THEN . As a black woman myself, I KNOW there have been way too many injustices done to my people to count, but I wish that when peaceful protests are organized, we could WATCH OUT for all the HELL-RAISERS and GREEDY OPPORTUNISTS who want to turn everything we try to do right into a golden opportunity to CREATE VIOLENCE where there was none and to STEAL AND BURN DOWN things that don't belong to them. Because the LOOTERS and PYROMANIACS are what give us a bad name ! They did the same thing during the Rodney King trial . I wish THOSE HOOLIGANS would GROW UP and STOP BEING THE STEREOTYPE that such great leaders as MLK and Malcolm X worked so hard to tear down !

  17. I usally listen every podcast once and enjoy the content but this is my 3rd time listening to this specific podcast and i am amazed to hear the pov of others and i love the message you guys are putting out and hope everyone takes this video to heart and help to make a difference in this world.

  18. It makes me upset when nonblack POCs day they don’t support black lives matter because it doesn’t include all minorities but then never try to start a platform for their races struggles. We should all celebrate, uplift, and support one another. Tearing each other down is not going to reform our oppression.

  19. Thank you! Because of this video. I noticed how wrong I was in life. I thought just because I love the people around me does not give me permission to offend them. And I got to say Im sorry. And learn how wrong I was and probably still am. I want to learn more so Im gonna watch more videos.