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  1. whoa, just these themes, this period brings life many many movies set in some kind of disaster… Terminal(nicholas cage stuck in airport), disease horror films, financial crash films, etc etc and all at the same time, since complex consequenses

  2. many contemporary topic youtubers are like modern politician: the more popular they are, the harder it is to appease the crowd… being politician isnt easy to do right, but current way to pander one group is easy way but not so good in long term. difference is in publicity, politicians are expected to be seen in public(places), youtubers on video. I consider Joe Rogan like this. Why he is special is he has opinions and delivers them such way, that even if disagreeing, many still follow him. This is rare skill and millions of eyes are watching for any mistake.

  3. what is scary, is people like this often end up in public offices much later in life, so they bring current viewpoint with them, molding regulation. it is easy to say to be pro-business, creating jobs, while supporting essentially looting and destroying jobs in higher position and more abstract terms.

  4. at which point is it okay to name this movement a cult? by cult i mean some entity seeking total control of its members, to the point of brainwashing, usually only to benefit leaders of cult. many movements have cult -like characteristics, especially for members who are young, detached.

  5. If I want to goto another channel and point people to this video and get them to watch it. How do I get the link to this video? If anyone can help? Thanks in advance! Have a good one!

  6. well I support something, I support BLM to be cracked down on by the FBI and police as a terrorist org, jail its leaders. suppress the rioters and looters.

  7. The only people that are being oppressed are doing it to themselves! Stop letting those that are your leaders tell you you're not good enough! prove to yourself everyday you are by going out and earning your keep!

  8. 22:35 Subbed. I don't even care if it was a planned strategy, if so I respect and commend the originality.

    It's refreshing to not have the motivation for following a channel not be mainly or even solely based on idiotically repeating "if you like my channel hit that button and like and subscribe and make sure to turn notifications on.."

    The thing is, I'm sure the numbers do show that channels that do that work as every channel does that so especially those highly motivated to succeed.

    Those highly motivated channels probably put many other efforts into their product that are much more likely to affect outcomes.

    Now you might say "well, what about in the beginning, the evidence that caused YouTube to recommend this to content creators?"

    My answer to that would be that a large percentage of the same kind of masses that can be suggested to so easily will get caught up with something else eventually and move on. I'd say that's what we know now.

    I'm subscribing to this for a reason and the next time I'm scrolling through my subscriptions to unsub some channels to make room to subscribe to new channels I will consider that reason and be much more unlikely to move on as I'm morally invested in helping this individual.

    Plus, this plays to two of my interests and this gentleman seems competent enough.

    I'm sure I will not regret having this resource.

    Edit: The other thing I liked is there wasn't an 8 minute preamble about unrelated topics and some esoteric "shop talk" about their "community" or "what's been going on" on his channel or in his life…people need to realize that's separate video or at best end of the video fare.

    I've honestly never heard one of these preambles that I didn't absolutely hate.

  9. Go Fuck yourself Bigot piece of shit 🖕🏿🇺🇸🖕🏿🇺🇸🖕🏿🇺🇸🖕🏿🇺🇸🖕🏿🇺🇸🖕🏿🇺🇸

  10. I wanted to say I support black lives matter not looting and I watched ur video thinking I wouldn't like it but I think u have good points I appreciate ur knowledge

  11. Biden is not going to be elected. All the people that voted for Trump last time will vote for him this time too, plus a log of peopoe who see how the left is turning the country into shit. Trup is going to win and that is a good thing for all of us, except value signaling leftists.

  12. Well thought out discussion.

    To add to the "narrative" based on my observations listening to others.

    We have a group here, represented by BLM and their "leaders" who has a professed goal of reducing racism and police brutality. This group doesn't want the police to be violent to them and to treat them like anyone else.

    It's a goal I agree with and fully support BTW.

    Then, they have "leaders" that support looting (which by it's very nature is violent) and they go ahead and re-enforce the stereotype that inner city minority residents are violent and dangerous. This gets on the news, creates a new generation of racists, some of which will go on to become cops who are scared of them.

    So, I fail to see how this furthers the actual cause *AT ALL*. If anything, their "leadership" is erasing 40 or 50 years of progress.

    I'm saddened by this whole mess.

    And … no. I wouldn't move to these cities at this point either. I just turned down an opportunity in Seattle. Not enough money to get me into that sh*tshow.

  13. Go to and hit the "donate" link. Hmm, what do we see? ActBlue, which says "Powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties,
    organizations, and c4s around the country."

    So Black Lives Matter donations are going to…. wait for it …. WHITE PEOPLE! Ehrm, white democrats, that is.

  14. Of couse it is, just not reported by CNN. It's an attempted communist isurrection and a smash n grab under the cover of social justice