Enslaved African people had been part of Portuguese, Spanish, French and British history across the Americas since the 16th century, but how have Black people been treated in Russia? Has living in Russia been a blessing or a curse for those of African origin? Have they faced racism or acceptance and how have attitudes changed since the time of the Tsars through to the Soviet Union and up until today? Watch our mini-documentary about being Black in Russia, cultural diversity, and remember that all lives matter.
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  1. Russia did not invade Africa but half of Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Russia did not enslave Africans but all of the ethnicities of the regions aforementioned under gulags and pogroms. Russia has always been racist but gets away with it because western radical leftists love some of the worst human rights violators Stalin and Guevara. Can't believe how people in Africa state socialism has helped their countries when some of the lowest development rates in the world and corruption levels are in african countries. It's really sad.

  2. This is really imbalanced text, and looks like attempt to hide the real issue of racism in Russia For example, the real fate of the "children of festival" speaker has mentioned, was rather dramatic, especially blacks. Racism to Russians as excuse to the Russian Racism also sounds at least odd, if not directly whitening the serious issue of racism both in Russian history and in modern Russia.

  3. the fact of looking at a person with different color is just curiosity. in my African country, we rarely see whites so whenever we do see them we look at them for seconds and greet them. I even remember years ago touching one's hair cause it was long . so that ain't discriminatory but simple curiosity.

  4. The West wants to portray Russia as a racist country because they don't want to adopt the Western standard on "cultural diversity"…which means, cancelling your own culture and history, both it's good side or bad, as racist, bowing to outrage culture and SJW mobs. And to top all that, letting minorities riot all they want, demanding a lot from the countries that adopted them, not doing anything to stop them, because you will be labelled as racist…

  5. Racism is everywhere period go to an country like Nigeria I’m sure if you’re white skinned you will get funny looks and possibly called names same if you are black skinned and go to countries like Ukraine or Romania but for the most part it will be curiosity while small amount will be actual racist and generally it is only uneducated people who are racist

  6. I treat dark-skinned people with understanding ,I have a dark-skinned friend and we joke about each other ,the word nigger does not sound like an insult,he likes it .In the USSR, we were taught to be friends with different peoples and Nations ,because together we are stronger

  7. тут у нас расизма побольше будет, чем вам кажется. Не верьте в эти сказочки. Просто тут немного другое отношение к расизму. Он тут как бы нормой является. Вроде как все расисты и всё ок

  8. The guys in Russia are not Racism just in Russia there are very few black people! And they are looked upon as exotic! It's just interesting to look at those who were only seen on TV!

  9. I live in Russia as a black woman and my husband is Russian ,we are blessed with2 kids .I don't care how people look at me in a strange way but I would like them to say something or ask something instead of looking at me
    I go to playground as usual and I don't care the looking they will give me
    I walk ,I go shopping
    But funny thing is they smile at me,just smile
    And sometimes say the easiest words,HELLO, OK,GOOD😄

  10. is this guy serious !?!? he speaks about Racism in Russia or any Slavic country ? ..man im an Slavic from Serbia.. i have no idea what racism is or how it feels nor i know any Slavic person who knows what racism is (except from anglophone media we have nothing on that) .. and wast majority of Slavic kingdoms abandoned slavery 11 centuries ago and last ones used as slaves were captured enemy solders ..
    srsly of all ways you anglophones trying to spreed misinformation this one is the WORST
    and what about word NEGAR ? its a WORD we use for Black PPl..we dont have other word (how we shall call them ? to invent some new word RLY ..same as Spanish use Negro for black PPl ..are you retarded or just pretending to be ?

  11. Вы не думали спросить рядового граждан России . И не задумывались ли вы что политика ссср по теории марксизма должна быть интернациональной . И почитайте пожалуйста про репрессии в начали 1930 годов против национальных меньшинств .

  12. You should have stressed out more about Serfdom in Russia. Back in time the Russian population could be splited on 90% peasants(Russians who were slaves) and 10% aristocracy. And now I can't understand why I should feel sorry to black people. We're equal on this field. But Russians don't have anyone who could be judged for his actions in the past.

  13. In my experience (as a white American) there is still blatant racism in Russia. Jobs there (English tutoring jobs) will usually not hire a black person over a white person. The word "nigger" is thrown around there due to Russians not fully understanding the harshness of a word. Black people are stared at but that is just due to so few being there. Daily, I pass tens of thousands of people in the metro and elsewhere, and I see on average one black person a day