While the world erupted in protests responding to the police killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter Greater NY went to work — building a plan of action. VICE News follows co-founder Hawk Newsome to a rally in Times Square, where he shares his plan to form Black O.P.T.S., a team of so-called “peace officers,” to police the police.

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  1. Malcolm X would not approve of the organization being co-opted by white leftish corporations. In the conclusion of his visit to the Mecca he altered his approach and realized he was being used.

  2. Is it possible that these people who are having a problems with the current system should be allowed to move to a state in the USA or two states or three state’s , and let them set up there own laws, systems, democracy and everything that goes along with running a country. From there if things work out, great 👍, if not we will all see that these places will be banned and outlawed from the rest of the world. These places will be given money to start there “country state” and from there they are on their own. Prove that what your asking for will work. Politicians need to approve this so that way if people that don’t agree with this system don’t need to deal with it. And people that do will earn to live with it. No more division amongst us just reasonable thoughts.

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  4. This is not an Official BLM org , and he said he's not about fighting other black ppl. Sounds like the Real BLM didn't agree with him and the other co-founder. If that's the case, why use BLM as part of your orgs name? Come up with something else.

  5. I’m honestly appalled at the comments here. If you’re white we have no right to tell black folks what to do about the system white folks put them in, in the first place. The America’s was built on slavery and if you don’t know that and you are white then…. go back to school!!!

  6. Yelling in the faces of white people that have never done anything to you ain't going to help…get your act together, divert your obvious passion to something useful.

  7. I want B L M to focus on BANNING the teaching in schools of Charles Darwin . Please fact check the FULL TITLE of his book : "Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of the Favoured Races".     Clearly White Racist Propaganda

  8. pro blm are piece of kids whose think that real life is a movie…they spend more time to get a perfect rebel style and make selfies in their fake riot that realy think about what happened…

  9. Just think if the democrats didn't take EVERYTHING away from you when the country started. When black people were a proud part of the Republic. Look at history in the 1800s. Guess who died for abolishing and upholding the God given rights of the black population. The Klan came to fruition to stop the right of the freed slaves

  10. you arnt owed sh$# . work like everyone else and you'll have the same opportunity as everyone else! you just want a freebie because you think your "owed" something . give me a fking break.