Money has been raised for an organization bearing a similar name but a different mission from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement decrying police brutality and injustice nationwide. Lesley Marin reports.

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  1. Why isn't his charity getting donations? He is way more likely to actually help black lives than the democrats getting all the BLM funds… The fact this conversation even took place is because the greedy shitty democrats wanted to make it clear that NO black lives will get their money.

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  3. I think this group will use the money much wiser than BLM Movement. Is this not a good deserving charity ??? I know the movement will use the funds to better there own lives first and feel very deserving while doing so. I gauerntee that BLM movement will buy cars jewelry and self serving expenses that help no body but themselves. Today is Friday August 21 2020. Mark my words this and more malfeasance will take place.

  4. My heart breaks for this man who truly has a heart for his people and who wants to make a difference in his community but his whole dream and hard work has been hijacked by the BLM 🤢🤮😢

  5. Interesting video – Diverse dialogue about BLM is helpful from ALL Sides! Checkout the last video on my channel, which was a Black Lives Matter Skit – I hope to share a valuable perspective to those open-minded souls. I hope we all intentionally create meaningful action that empowers Black lives across the globe.

  6. Hope he keeps it all and spends it on himself. BLM is a marxists group manipulating the masses. They are hell bent on destroying America from within, funded by Soro's. It's a front, wake up.

  7. @CBS Los Angeles. BLM is out to destroy the family unit and has other destructive aims. You made them sound just fine.

    Two of the 3 founders of BLM are "trained M A R X I S T S". read the home page.

  8. WOW just a few more donations and we will all be saying good by America hello oppression and communism and al goes to he'll from their no matter what colour you are.⏳🙏🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏽🔥🇺🇸📜🔥⏳🇨🇳🛃🛂💀🛂🃏🚧👺👹🔥🔥🗽🔥💀🛂🛃⏳

  9. Let's start our own organization but call it Blacks Rising Onward or something. Something that belongs to black people and is not a front for Marxism and identity-based class structuring. Instead, we focus on concrete, specific solutions, such as an enriched education system that focuses on real-world knowledge and skills that these inner city kids can use to not only survive but excell and complete at wage level above the federal minimum. Education truly is the key, but these kids need to be taught useful skills, that can give them a real edge in the workforce or business. Unfortunately, curriculum is not really a topic of discussion as far as I know. I don't even know who determines it, but it is failing our (all people's) kids. Kids (inner city or suburban, black or white) are graduating (or dropping out of) high school, without being taught the skills and given the tools for real world earning/investing/business skills/administrative skills/tech skills etc. We need to start fast-tracking this information into our kids. Give them the keys to success, early.

  10. Everyone is out to use someone else STOP GREED, CONTROL ISSUES and PUBLIC NEEDS are the agenda NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE IN THIS WORLD for the MASSES

  11. I have one more question: Why is the BLM movement using ActBlue, and not a neutral non politically tied fund raising tool to help them facilitate their fund raising? Because just the simple affiliation with one particular fundraising tool like ActBlue: even if it’s only an affiliation for the sake of them only helping you raise money for your movement, and just having the money filtered through them raises suspicions and can be considered fishy. I wonder why the BLM movement couldn’t have chosen to use a fund raising tool that doesn’t have any political affiliation/ties. It’s no secret that ActBlue was started back in the early 2000’s in order to support liberal democratic fundraising.

  12. Please ask yourself these poignant questions: #1. Why is there any ambiguity in the first place? #2. Why are the names of these organizations so similar? #3. If the intentions are to distance yourself from any affiliation with the BLM organization, than why did you call your organization the “Black Lives Matter Foundation?” I realize that the man doesn’t want to be perceived as being affiliated with the BLM movement, so if you want to distance yourself from the movement than why can’t you change the name of your foundation in order to eliminate any misleading ambiguity?

  13. This guy is more honest than BLM. BLM is getting money filtering through ACT BLUE. Act "Blue" is then Filtering it to Sanders and Biden etc..who are getting most of it for Democrats.

  14. So if black lives matter is making money it's now not just a movement it's a business so being a business where do all this money go and who is donating and investing in such movement who is the CEO who owns the name BLM