The Black Lives Matter group has been fighting to be heard since 2013 – and the phrase itself is now being seen on streets and screens all around the world after the killing of George Floyd.

But how did the movement get here? And how did it begin?

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  1. Broke my car window here in Sterling Heights in the suburb of Detroit on the day of protests. I know that this moment is not at fault but they are going out there, being part of the group that has bad people in it. Not cool since I've been home the whole time. I am middle eastern and I lost $400. Ok black lives matter but what difference does it make that you're out there and encouraging people. Go do more useful things in your lives. You really think you will make a difference! Lol.

  2. OK to be honest with everyone you still should be charge if you kill someone and held accountable for and it doesn’t matter if you’re a police you still kill someone and you still need to be held accountable for it

  3. Did you guys hear the shop for no reason funny how that works he stole something but I will say this was it really necessary to pull your gun out can you have like two guns like a rubber bullets I mean it doesn’t kill the victim after all

  4. Do you have all the freedom in the world they choose not to I hate when people say this all the time you have more rights than what you think your freedom to go places move to another country you can even sleep whenever you want you can even have a car yeah and so on so forth that sounds like freedom to me

  5. Know your say False thing out of your mouth because they have to make a full report for what happen to the victim and it will be live on news plus the fact if they find out if they did it he can lose is job you’re not above human rights neither are you

  6. No that completely False 3x more likely to die by the police which is honestly laughable am going to give you a piece of advice ok maybe your putting crooked cops and good cops all together

  7. The Chappelle Show had this amazing skit called "Players Haters Ball". Dave Chappelle, protrayed as Silky Johnson, the most diabolical hater on the west side of the Mississippi, you see. He had this quote that stuck with me over the years. Especially knowing todays current political climate. I feel as if it can help us during our trying times.

    Silky Johnson is quoted as saying: "Why don't you click your heels three times and go back to Africa!"

  8. Here is the history in a nutshell: militant group set up as a way to riot , cause havoc, and try and make white people guilty of their history and for being white. End

  9. The whole Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin stories were lies and this has been proven in court. They were the aggressors, Brown had actually just committed a robbery then assaulted the cop asking him about it and Martin was attempting to murder George Zimmerman when he was shot. The force used against them was absolutely justified. So this video is a lie, plain and simple.

  10. This article is using a massive amount of unchecked inflammatory language. There are more unarmed white people killed by police in the USA. Nobody mentions that. Unfortunately in a country where people can own 50 cal rifles legally the police will operate a shoot first and ask questions later policy, especially if the are armed with a 9mm. In a country that is obsessed with owning guns sadly many innocents are killed. If you want to look at a racist demographic… in the USA there were an estimated 295,000 abortions carried out on black women in the USA in 2017, whilst there were 280,000 carried out on white women. Planned parenthood is an organisation promoted by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, whilst President Trump is against abortion. There were an estimated 851,000 young innocent lives ended when the child had not even seen their first day. In New York it is now legal to abort till full term. No one makes a Channel Four Documentary on the millions that are dead because of abortion. Joseph Mengele had nothing on USA abortion clinics.

  11. If the thought that black lives matter offends you, ask yourself why? If your answer is all lives matter, then you believe black lives matter too. If it's blue lives matter, you must have noticed that there are black police officers also, again you support black lives and they matter…. Just a thought. 🤔

  12. BLM is invented and foundet by cultural marxists in order to divide the society. Dont be a fool and fall for marxists, history can teach us what happens when they have power.

  13. Yes yes yes you want America to stop "oppressing" you we heard it a million times

    wanna know why black people are more likely to die by cops? Cuz dey were breaking the law and resisted or decided to pull out a weapon

    why am i watching this garbage?