Following a peaceful protest that turned violent and led to destruction in downtown Salt Lake City, the Utah Chapter of Black Lives Matter is speaking out, saying they did not have any involvement.

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  1. Democrats rise up over every cop shooting, yet fail to mention that FBI stats in 2018 show that of the 2900 black or African american murders 2600 of them were black on black that is 89.65%. The left uses uneducated fear to manipulate the under educated minority groups into voting for people they should hate…

  2. I went through that road to a lake and had to come back through another street, my dads house was a few blocks away from that place and we had a curfew, we thought we had bad luck, because also on the way back from the lake we were at. A fire started a couple minutes after we left.

  3. Just like antifa is a facist group intent on taking away people rights, blm doesn't care about black lives. They have raped, extorted and murdered blacks as well as others. Its only been allowed to go on because of corrupt mayors, governors and democrats in the fbi like comey and strorkz. They fabricated evidence against Trump and covered up/destroyed evidence daming clinton.

  4. BLM was supposed to be a peaceful protest,but it's getting taken over by police. I'm tired of seeing black people of all ages dying from police on the news. And LGBT+ people,I'm a bi black girl. I won't take this mistreatment sliently.

  5. If BLM then why aren't they helping the Thousands of Kenyan and African workers are now racially discriminated in Guangzhou #China. They are kicked out of their houses and forced to sleep on streets in chilly nights, with no food and water. They are even denied access to supermarkets.

  6. BLM is a Marxist, terrorist group. Many of their hierarchy have been in prison on domestic terrorism charges. If you donate to BLM your funds are being redirected to ActBlue.
    Name a single improvement BLM has made to an inner city school? BLM needs to be eradicated.
    I was very happy to see someone potentially facing life in prison for striking a police officer and purchasing red paint for the riot.
    Time for BLM to R.I.P.

  7. BLM's martyr, Floyd, a drug, gun toting criminal who preys on pregnant women in the home…..what a hero……sickopaths they are..