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Celebrities are lending their voice and the platforms to the Black Lives Matter cause. And while some are using their platform online to protest, others are taking to the streets to participate in marches.
#stayhome #withme

Black lives matter.
Black culture matters.
Black communities matter.
We stand united against racism.
These racist and brutal attacks must end.
We can’t allow the call for justice to be ignored.
Stand up with Color Of Change and countless others.
Text DEMANDS to 55156.


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  3. I wonder now that a longer video of Floyd's arrest is out and how much paranoid he was due in a big part of the drugs he had in his system and that it was told those drugs did affect his system would all those "celebrities" say the same story?
    I'm Canadian and I have friends of different cultures, I will always stand by them. but even they are saying how many inside the BLM movement are actually making things worst because of how they act and what some are saying ( heard many times in videos of BLM marches Only black lives matter )

  4. Mehhhhh. Black lives, sure. But BLM, nope. Go read their website. Black America has not embraced BLM. There are SO many black celebrities and athletes that are SILENT on it. BLM has radical ideas. Radicalism doesn't work. BLM is a tiny minority that will fade out over time. Deal . . .

  5. Celebrities are on Paying lip service how many have Given back their Gongs ie MBE etc etc….don’t worry most of them eat white bread…lol…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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