Two people were shot dead and several others injured in Kenosha, Wisconsin as anti-racism demonstrators gathered for a third night. Footage posted online showed what appeared to be a civilian armed with a rifle, firing shots when he tripped, after being chased by demonstrators. Armed militia-like groups are increasingly adding a new layer of tension to public protests in the United States. In some cases, right-wing activists – openly carrying weapons – have been patrolling anti-racism demonstrations with the blessing of local law enforcement. So what is the aim of such groups? DW met with members of one militia known as “American Wolf.”

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  1. Read our constitution. All Americans are the militia. But blm and antifa is the rioters. Armed citizens say enough and are protecting their fellow Americans. These rioters are not only white they are funded by the democrats, Hollywood, Mike Bloomberg, George seroso, Bill gates, you tube, Facebook, Twitter. Just because people don't like trump. Open your 👀 's they are welfare kids and homeless bums. Look at the video of a blm member gunned down 5 police officers in Houston Texas with an ar15. You just added to the violence by taking the wrong side duesh bag.

  2. This host is missinformed people the man with the weapon was running after shooting someone the ceowd was chasing him to catch a bad guy at a protest with an assult weapon a eacist that is what he was. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. HE WAS BEING CHASED TEIPPED AND STARTED SHOOTING. ANOTHER COWARD FAKENEWS CHANNEL

  3. I love how to DW news basic right wing beliefs, backed by evidence, are "conspiracy theories". Kudos to DW for utilizing the CIA's original purpose when they invented the term "conspiracy theory" – discrediting political opponents. Gas-lighting, in essence.
    That's not to say real conspiracy theories don't abound, but it's extremely handy to bury some stuff that's really going on in amongst them and claim your opponents are all wearing tin-foil hats.

  4. Democrats stoked and maintained this, Governors kept the riots going and the media denied that they were riots…now things have turned and it's gotten out of the Democrats control and is hurting in the polls. 🤣

  5. intolerance is intolerance, no matter which side it comes from.
    and it would probably be better if peaceful protesters limited themselves to daylight hours, so they wouldn't be confused with the rioters and looters.
    emotions, especially fear, is the driving force here, on both sides….
    and nothing will improve until everyone gets a hold of themselves.

  6. The poor young man was pursued and under attack. The looters make him fall and continued to attack him! So he resolved to defend himself! Rightfully so. Good for him! And well done to the attackers!

  7. I dont think the meltia is trying to protect just white people. I think there protecting there property. Not for police our blm. Thats why there out there they dont belive in a police state.

  8. Why why why, militia stay home, let police deal with protests. Protesters use social media to protest now. Too much violence too many deaths. We need america for all, justice. Change needs to happen. People matter not property. Stay home. No damn guns.

  9. The 17 year old kid was not militia. He was armed to protect a business after 2 days of businesses being burned down by BLM rioters. Take a look at the video. He is surrounded by armed people. The guy who got shot in the arm had a pistol. There is another guy with a hood and a long stick. Earlier they were throwing Molotov cocktails at him and chased him with a knife before he shot back. REPORT THE TRUTH. There have been Militias going back to the Clinton Administration. Remember Oklahoma City? STOP LYING LIBERAL MEDIA.

  10. We the People need to be United right now. To achieve a corrupt free society and Government. United we stand divided we fall. Do not fall for being divided right now.

  11. Looks like a well organized group that is in every city now. Internet connection and a little brainwashing can mobilize them in "warp speed". Who is their leader? Someone who enjoys playing games with real lives. We are seeing what our country can look like in a war with itself. The thing of it is, it's happening in other countries too. Our system of democracy is what we have tried to install and dictatorship taken down. Now here we are, fighting our own people for our freedom. What changed? Hint, "no one is above the law". "When they go low, we go high" this is urgent. "We are fighting for the soul of this nation" just like Joe Biden has stated for months now. But which one. Democracy or Republic?

  12. I am so greatfull that I do not live in the usa!!!!!!! USA is just a mess and the world knows now because they cant keep up the lies