Some More Last days of the On Brqadway S.F.

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  1. Hey ! I designed the tee Paul Castillo is wearing ! This was the closing show for the On Broadway club. Dirk hired me to do the shirt. He gave me a list of bands to include. He misspelled
    Naked Lady Wrestlers ( werstlers) and Condemned To Death (condemed) so that's how they went on the shirt – makes it a collector's item I guess. Good times! I worked as security at the show that night so it was a lot of fun!

  2. I just listed their 4 song demo on my etsy store if anyone is interested. It is probably the last one on earth so it's pretty pricey but worth it for a collector. store is called thedustysleeve. cheers

  3. Thanks for the upload. Never heard this song – bit like a crossover between Big Boys and Flipper. Too bad nothing else can be found of Black Athletes anywhere than that what is on Thrashers Skaterock volume 1.