This week we are joined by David West, retired NBA player and the Chief Operating Officer for the Professional Collegiate League and Levelle Moton, head coach of the men’s basketball team at North Carolina Central. Listen closely as they drop some historical jewels and share what led to their level of consciousness as they navigated life in the sports arena.
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  1. It was so peaceful and unique to watch genuinely gentle men. Its obvious that they aren't weak yet they choose to be kind. I would love to marry one them. The two guest.

  2. As a NFL Agent I have always pressed the idea to our top athletes to choose HBCUs over these PWIs. I spoke at the Superbowl this year for the NFL Alumni Association in front of the top 8 High School football teams in Florida. We had over 80 kids in that room with Division 1 offers.

    What I found is that many of our top Athletic youth choose these white schools because they think if they choose a HBCU they won't get the chance to play professionally. I had to dispell that myth using what I've been informed directly by NFL Scouts, Directors, and Executives and get them to understand that if you are a top Athlete 3 star, 4 star, or 5 star (especially if you are a 4 & 5 star) recruit the NFL will follow you wherever you go. Being a 5 star recruit and choosing a HBCU you'd not only still be watched by the professional leagues you'll also begin to put a spotlight on that program, that school, and the other talent around you.

    After speaking with them a group up kids came up to ask me questions and for advice. One kid asked me why did I choose The Delaware State University over the Ivy League Schools and PWIs that accepted me. I told responded "I have no desire to attend or make money for an institution that would've gave my granddad a hard time to attend." Crazy thing is 90% of NFL Alumni that I know stated that they would've gone back and chose a HBCU for that ever player that they know that went to HBCUs had a much deeper connection with their university post college career and post professional sports career.

  3. Wow! David West is for real. His awareness and knowledge of what is real about our black athletes and society. All this are a distraction from truth and reality in this society. Corona in particular has exposed their system. With the “best” technology and the largest and most developed economy is on their knees. Everything now doesn’t matter….6 door garage, twenty luxury cars and none can save anyone of us about now. Black people are spiritual and needs to focus on their spirituality rather than material that the oppressors have imposed on us.

  4. I agree , black five star athlete should go to HBCU'S . The SWAC and MEAC conference should merge , if we can get our five star black athlete we can complete with PWI'S . Why we haven't merge ? What do you all think about the merger . Brother Banner I love your your show , continue to talk truth to power . I am a HBCU product .