*update” Maserati Rick was a poser. This shit doesn’t take away from ths issue though because that commentators post had a lot of “likes” and thumbs up so people actually believe that bull shit.

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  1. The problem with dating in the black community is black women doesnt hold higher standards for their men.

    If you are seen as smart you are undesirable but if you have swag, clout, thuggish etc etc. You are in.

    Black women are influenced easily by fast money..alot do not care about the long distant race. They wont be there at the Beginning but wants to be there at the end.

    Women want men to change but if theres no reason to change why would they if the test is simple.

  2. I couldn't find any major points that I disagree with fam. This video had points that I agree with as well as points to enlighten my thoughts. I am aware of the struggle black women face. I, who date mainly outside of my race, see many problems that black women display towards a relationship. Then through time I aged and my mindset grew to understand that ALL women have problems just as men do. For us to single out black women expresses self hate and lack of love within our community to help our community overcome this issue.

  3. I fucking laugh my ass off when you said black women are the most educated­čśů ..,, the last i check who up in the corprate ladder was whites and asians,, silicon Valley is full of Whites and foreign born, dentist and doctors was either white or Asians,, lots of whites and asian in the engineering, whites scientist almost all bussiness owners were whites,, i dont ever remember bought or got sevice from any black own or business ever,.. so where are these educated black women at?

  4. Very insightful video and I agree with everything you are saying but what about those good honest hard working brothers who are just speaking from personal experiences while not trying to bash.. that they've had with black women especially those guys who aren't street or considered "black enough" that either get ran over or rejected.. If that makes sense.

  5. They damn sure know their position when it's time to sue ya ass and take half your funky ass fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talkin about some damn….'white women know their position' LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the fuck is YOU to delegate who takes what position, niga!!!!!!!