The black athlete using their platform to protest racism has always been met with vitriol. No matter the amount of success on the court or respect fans held for them as a player, that respect very often did not follow them off the field of play.
#Protest #BlackLivesMatter #Athletes

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  1. Yahoo: your company is a disgrace. You are cowards for suppressing the voices of those who oppose your extreme left, anti-American articles. Turning off you comments to promote "a safe space" is such a cop out. Your journalist are hack, lefty d-bags without any objectivity. Terrible organization.

  2. You can tell the awareness of the rich Black Athletes by who they marry. They dont realize they're standing on the shoulders of Giants. Jack Johnson, Tommy Smith, John Carlos, Jackie Robinson, Curt Flood, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and many others. Wake up, do your homework and pay it forward.

  3. Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre believes Colin Kaepernick will one day be viewed as a hero. Favre compared Kaepernick to Pat Tillman, saying both men were willing to make similar sacrifices for something they believed in.???? Brett Favre obviously had too many head-concussion during his career

  4. Omg.. Are we really going to be lecture by Lebron James and Colin Kapernick… "Being black in America is hard"… America is probably the easiest place to be in the world for ANYBODY you fools… Go try making hundreds of millions of dollars for playing a game anywhere else in the world … idiots…

  5. Must suck to be racially profiled by every hot cheerleader on campus or every hot white chick in town. Or be lebron whos UNEMPLOYED MOM got a loan for a $80k H2 for his 18th birthday

  6. Since the uproar over BLM is so important to the black community… these Millionaires should give a year's salary to the cause. Please let me know when that happens.

  7. BOYCOTT NFL Krapernick does not care about Black people. He has been radicalized by his Muslim radical GF look it up please do research. Black Lives Matter been hijacked by Democrats. Check out actblue and how they have BLM money to DNC