From Thrasher Magazine’s “Skate Rock Vol. 1”

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  1. I use to roadie for this band back in the day. the 2 most important parts to that was " Go find our Singer!' when the rest of the band was ready to play And "Catch the Singer after he falls off the stage into the crowd and put him back ON the stage……. Fuckin good times………..

  2. the only thing I can find on this band is that vocalist Paul Casteel formerly played bass for Impatient Youth and was also a member of the band Faze, House Of Wheels, Touch Me Hooker and another band called Woundz or Wounds (I've seen both spellings).

    It looks like Black Athletes released an EP in 1982 according to rateyourmusic, The EP looks like it is called XX and has 4 tracks include Die Laughing. Definitely weren't thinking of search engines in 1982, were they? 😉

  3. when I first heard this song, always thought it was kinda out of place on the Thrasher Skate Rock comps.

    Almost 30 years(!) later, I realize that I was so wrong and that this song was ahead of it's time. Does anybody know if they released anything else, even like a demo song? Trying to search for "Black Athletes" on google doesn't exactly bring the results that I'm looking for.