Traviana held her ground ALONE to defend her tweet, in which many others agreed with. If you disagree with anyone, do it in a respectful manner.
Although I disagree with Traviana’s tweet, I wanted her to explain her tweet because many people misinterpreted her reason for the tweet.
This problem of black athletes not acknowledging black women is a common issue in PWI’s black communities, as seen on the series, Grown-ish, but this separation is all a misunderstanding in our school at SDSU. We must understand that acknowledgment goes both ways, people are not obligated to do or say anything, and everyone does not act or think the same.
In addition, Twitter is where you can express your personal opinion so you cannot get mad for someone expressing their personal thoughts; however, still remember, who you tweet about may come to their attention and may cause a reaction. College athletes are not celebrities, they are students as well, and I say this because I think many people treat athletes as if they are on a higher pedestal when we are all in the same box. I think the disconnect in our university is simply the separation between the athletic department from the black organizations, and it affects the way we black students socialize as a whole.
AFTER THIS VIDEO, I AM NOT DOING ANY MORE DRAMA-filled CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS! I want my audience to laugh and relate, not take sides, but if you would like to see more like this, comment below or email me (email is below). Now back to the fun videos.

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  1. Hi everyone. I’ve been out of school longer than you guys have probably been alive so I’ll recognize your experience is totally different than mine.

    I went to a state school in the south and I recall vividly there were two summer orientation sessions for each college at the university. One for black kids and a general one days later for all kids. At the first one for black kids we had smaller groups and had student-led orientation sessions where we could ask questions about life on that big campus from a black person’s POV. In one session, they stressed to us the importance of acknowledging other black people on a campus where we were like 13% of the undergraduate class of +- 30k students. I always spoke to black people on campus and they mostly spoke back to me. Some of the athletes didn’t speak but that’s ok. The bigger point is that at this age you form bonds that last a lifetime. When black men eventually run afoul of white people, who can they turn to for support? Black people! And especially black women. These guys unfortunately feel like acknowledging you might mean you think they want you (sidebar: and there’s nothing wrong with a black woman liking a black man) so they are afraid to show you the smallest kindness (like saying excuse me) so they have their options open for white women and non-black women on campus. Sadly, you are going to have to let them go. They don’t want your community. They want to fit in else where. Going to the same school means nothing to them as far as forming a bond with you. One day when they need black women to support them they will realize that y’all moved on a long time ago and hopefully the women they invested their energy into will be there for them. It’s a totally differently social situation than I experienced and a truly feel for you. But don’t waste time looking for community with men who won’t acknowledge you publicly. In the south we have two sayings that fit this situation: “Won’t a hit dog holler!” And ”The guilty dog barks first!” This is in reference to the tweets the young lady received. Those guys were mad because your words struck to close to their soul. They knew you were right and because they lack the tools to respond on a thoughtful manner, decided to come for you on Twitter. They are giving you their asses to kiss, honey. Leave them alone and enjoy your life and find a community based on mutual interest and respect for the entirety of your life.

  2. But best believe if something racist wAs to happen to these Bm althletes , if they were to be discriminated against, killed by cops, arrested While being black they would expect you to be on the front lines fighting for them 😂😂

  3. I don't agree with the way she articulated her message butttt what she said has some truth to it. As a person who attends a PWI we have a good amount of athletes who do go out of their way to disrespect black women. I can't speak for SDSU's campus climate but I know it's a real thing at my university so to say it's a misunderstanding is kind of an easy scape goat. I think there should definitely be a follow up to talk about the interactions of black women and black men on PWIs…lol I need to come to your campus so I can be on one of these videos. Bout to drop some food for thought for everyone. Anyways it was a cool topic, I just don't think the girl who tweeted knew how to get her message out there. Her examples were things that anyone could have shut down i.e blaming it on her height or the fact that everyone is lit.