A video paying homage to the athletes that keep it Black. Nothing against the interracial but these relationships hardly get publicized in the same capacity as interracial so I thought I’d highlight this love. Our love. I also want to challenge all my viewers to counteract all the keywords in Google. If you type “Blakck athlete” the word white women pops up immediatly after. Thats’s a mess, especially when most have Black wives/ husbands! So Google Black athletes Black wife’s more and other keywords won’t be the only thing to pop up!

Black love is here to stay!

PS… And maybe some of the younger generation.. who rarely gets a glimpse of anything other then athletes in interracial relationships can see that you don’t have to have a white wife/ girlfriend to make it; sistas can and always wil hold it down!!!

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  1. I think that when it comes down to the Truth, the Black man will always prefer his Queen, and the Black woman will always prefer her King…someone he or she can be their whole true self with. Interracial couples will never understand or have that…that's why 79% of interracial couples break up….just because of CULTURAL issues!

  2. Ex: Music MAINSTREAM promotes MAJOR sex, degrade BLACK WOMEN, get money, get high, kill each other, have sex with many people, NON BLACK WOMEN are better, etc. NO conscious music and destroying are image around the WORLD and programming our people (especially the youth) with the WRONG message. Other races begin to think majority of BLACK PEOPLE are ALL like that. Which is far from the TRUTH. Definitely NOT EMPOWERING US!

  3. I don’t know where you are from but in America we have channels for different races. We will agree to disagree. What I am saying is MAINSTREAM=White Men who control the images and messages we see. Next WHITE MEN also control the MAJOR Black channels, internet sites, magazines, music, and etc. Yes, black people work for them but they OWN it. Which means they are in control of the image that is portrayed.

  4. Why would they, Asian countries and societies are all homogeneous.

    It's a completely different dynamic for us, seeing as we've willingly or unwillingly integrated with the predominate culture of the land.

    Well what your saying is not true, because you admitted earlier that black/white relationships are promoted in the media – they're not promoted by black people.

  5. Interesting but I see otherwise. You don't go on Asian media TV (channel) and sites to see them promote another race as beautiful daily (same Black Men with another race women). (not even the Spanish Channel) When you go to MAINSTREAM black media, internet, magazines, and etc. it is different. The same way Asian and the other races promote self love WE need to do that to but MOST of the MAJOR networks, internet sites, and etc. are own by WHITE MEN. WE sellout and they can promote whatever.

  6. Personally I think the motivation behind it is to sell papers, and increase ratings.

    Given the nations demographic, people are not particularly interested in Black on Black love, a situation that transcends race, because you rarely ever see Asian on Asian love on TV too.

  7. I think this video was made because you can see their is an effort to promote MAINSTREAM black men with another race women as his mate. Which is nothing but a divide and conquer strategy being done through music, media (TV), internet, and etc.. I say make MILLIONS OF VIDEOS SHOWING BLACK LOVE AND PUT IT RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACE TO SHOW THEM THEIR SELF HATING PROGRAMMING IS NOT WORKING ON US (ONLY A FEW OF US). Illuminati promote satanism, divide and conquer, and ungodly images of us.

  8. You think showing black people together on TV would entice more black people to date/marry one another?

    I don't think so, I don't think people date other people based on what they see on TV, I think peoples dating choices/preferences are a manifestation of their own experiences, rarely is someone influenced to be with some else due to media outlets.

  9. @tdotmusiq that is just how black people come out being light-skinned has nothing too do with being white you need too do some research on african phenotypes and our different makeups if you think everybody from Africa has big lips and is dark-skinned their is nothing wrong with that we come in different shades

  10. @weloveer23 i have to agree, plus it kinda looks like you have to have a relaxer or weave to marry one of them too…as well as being lighter skinned than them

  11. @lisashaye ….those people look at you because they aren't use to seeing it..thats all. They're surprised you are there. Just like when a black person shows up somewhere dominately white…we get alot of stares and (9 times out of 10) racism as well.

  12. @lisashaye thats because you are white and don't understand. Blacks and whites come from total opposite dimension when it comes to racism. Whites who perpetrated the shit for centuries and blacks who were victims for centuries.
    Blacks have more to forgive and overcome from the effects of 400 years of inhumane treatment

    Its easy for a white person to say its over because they didn't suffer. Thats like me hittn you in the head with a bat 30 times and saying " That didn't hurt your okay"

  13. Thank you Chloe3086 foruploading this video.
    I don't buy into all that junk about interacial dating or what society tries cram down the throats of black people as to what is the norm. I believe in black love and if you ask most other nationalities, they will tell you in a heartbeat that they marry within their own race and culture and NOT what the fascist mainstream media tries to dictate to them.

  14. best couple at 2:52 why? Because it's the only one where the black chick isn't lighter than the guy. Why is that you may ask. Because is lighter skin is perceived as being more beautiful by almost everyone of every race. Too bad, I see a lot of beautiful dark women who can't get a man cuz they're dark. Yet a man can be any shade.

  15. @rdokoye
    I agree! videos llike these make it seem like it's just unusual to see a black couple!! you don't see videos like these on white couples, asian couples, please

  16. I love Black women. And I'm a Black man from Boston working and attending University in Ottawa, Canada. So many African ladies in my new city, I was shocked. Hmmm. Yummy. No white chicks for me.