Roland Martin talks with Howard Bryant, author of The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism, about President Trump flubbing God Bless America and how patriotism has been exploited throughout history in the United States.

The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism

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  1. This is exactly what the testimony of Jackie Robinson was meant to impede, division between black athletes. All because Paul Robeson denounced the US? Now, look at the fake president kissing Russia's behind? How ironic?

  2. The President is a draft Dodger 5X…
    Being black in America you must compartmentalize your entire life from joining the military and saluting the flag…
    Glad a retired before my eyes were open….

  3. The best thing LeBron did was take money away from Trump hotels by getting the NBA teams who used to drop 20k a night every two days to stop using those hotels resulting in hotels in smaller cities closing. Also, he stuck up for Stephen Curry when old tango had tired to come after him calling him a bum😂

  4. I feel the NFL players of color should sue for the balance of their contract, and walk!
    With that tax cut NFL, Trump owns the Owners. Trump fans will be upset then no teams!

  5. Hi Mr. Martin
    Please don't forget
    In The 1968
    Black Power
    Tommie Smith
    John Carlos
    Why is it that everybody
    Forgets The Black gloves
    Black Power
    I was 12 years old
    And I still remember
    It was one of the best things in my life that I ever saw
    And every time there is a conversation no one ever speaks of them
    They were just left Out of you're conversation
    Let's not forget
    Them An all What they went through
    For injustice
    We must not forget Them

    Thank you
    Mr. Martin
    I'll be looking for your next

    Debra Evans

  6. Some people don't want to do anything but look at themselves as victims and Cry Injustice!But before the Election,who did the Fraternal Order of Police Support?ntm.Who did White Hate Groups support? exactly…the Mfer we have in the WH right now.And "Problacks" helped the Basturd get there.just By Default…Not Voteing Aids the Far Right/Facist Party.

  7. Congrats on your win!! 🙌
    You go Black Man – TELL the truth!
    The false claims of American Patriotism is they don't accept nor acknowledge WE as the foundation of these America's!!! Their diluted minds see this as "their" country and not OURS!! Why are ppl sooooooo blind?
    (Jesse Owens reveal -SMH) 😥

  8. If the flag is all that important to patriotism why is it that that it only seem to matter as a symbol of patriotism depicted in paintings of a victorious North in the Civil War. Why do they promote the tail of who made the flag and her grandson is the one who said she made the flat some 100 years after the woman was dead. In the beginning there were quite a number of versions of the flag with variations of the stars on the flag. Prior to Hitler the flag was initially saluted in the same fashion as Germans saluted Hitler. After it was pointed out prior to WWII that "Americans" saluted the flag with the same hand gesture used by the Nazi. Also some old Southern Americans spread throughout the country have more reverence for the Confederate flag than old glory. If not for the American athletes who have enough melanin in this skin color to suggest their ancestors were brought here on slave ships kneeling instead of standing – the flag would be just another piece of cloth waving in the wind.

    If kneeling during the anthem is so offensive then every woman who has been asked for their hand in marriage with a man kneeling on knee should be outraged. Even God Himself should be offended when humans get down on one or both knees to have a conversation with him. If kneeling for the flag is offensive the kneeling at any time for any reason should also be just as offensive. A lot of much to do about nothing is what it is and is done to kick up enough dust to cover the real reason these men are protesting. I just think about colored drinking fountains, white only signs and going through the back door when any white person on CNN, Fox and else where make a big stink about kneeling before the flag.

    By the way "Americans" only began to place they hands over their hearts to during the "National" anthem after WWII as stated above before that it was the same hand/arm gesture used by the Nazi supporters of Hitler and the Nazi party.

  9. The law doesn't apply to him. That's why he thinks he can get away with saying and doing anything which is why he's not the president. You know, years earlier we believed that the THEN president george bush was the KING of being the worst president ever. He was until trump took his title.

  10. I’m trying to understand when these dudes going to learn that America don’t care about so called black peoples. They never have and never will. Stop begging for America to care and do for ourselves. What do we have to lose

  11. Funny how the faketriotic orange POS who not only dodged the draft five times to serve his country but also doesn't know the words to the national anthem has the unmitigated gall to question the patriotism of Black NFL athletes who take a knee against systemic racism and police brutality and demand they either stand for the flag when the anthem plays or be deported

  12. That's why they wont let lebron James win another championship he gets no foul calls most calls go against his team or a no call he's a black athlete who speaks out