Parents suffer grief and discrimination because of the medical rarity. This couple gave birth to biracial twins – one black and one white.
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At 17 months, Triniti and Ghabriael are chubby-cheeked twins, born 11 weeks early at three pounds each and now healthy and a joy to their parents.

But when their mother, Khristi Cunningham of Akron, Ohio, takes them in public, the babies get a lot of second looks and questions.

Triniti has ebony-colored skin and all the classic dark features of an African American, but “Gabe,” as his parents call him, is ivory-white with steely blue eyes and blond hair. He’s now 10 pounds heavier than his sister, but it’s their racial identity that gets people scratching their heads.

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  1. I'm sorry! I just don't see it. He Looks like a lite skins black child. And it happen to Black families all the time. if we have a brown child and a lite skin child you had to do something WRONG 🤔 ignorance has no age. As the words of Muhammad Ali, we are the only race of people that can make a rainbow 🌈

  2. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE??? Within the first minute, not only the dad but also the host were praising the white baby and when the focus was on the black one, it was just an average baby. I hate America.

    BIGGEST ADVICE: "DO NOT" raise your kids in America.

  3. I was born with blonde hair blue eyes I litterly switched races when I got past the age of 10 lmao now I have brown hair thick curly hair brown eyes huge nose and mouth oh im half black btw

  4. Stupid on top of stupid with a sprinkle of stupid all dipped in stupid sauce. Life is life no matter what complexion. We need to get over this complexion thing

  5. Both look biracial, no problem. The darker one is brown, not black. They're gorgeous! It's clear that people have not taken a look at Hispanic families! Specially Puertorrican and Dominicans . W. Our kids can be very mixed! My sister has 2 blue Ayer kids with very fair skin and blond hair, one with green eyes and curly medium brown hair, and one with a medium tan, black hair and brown eyes. Why is that scandalous? I have two light skinned kids with medium brown hair and dark brown eyes while the youngest has light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and medium brown skin. She looks like she's from India . Deal with it! Who cares? If someone expresses concern he or she or it is an idiot! Learn to be like Hispanics: totally not racist.


  7. Neither of these children looks white. Their shades are just different. The boy has lighter skin, blue eyes, curly hair and features which indicates his black heritage.
    My grandsons (2), both have blue eyes and one has blonde hair. Neither parents are white. Both are of multiracial backgrounds from Trinidad. Nevertheless, no one in the UK( where they reside) make an issue of the children eye or hair colour , as they/we understand recessive genes .
    I find it difficult to comprehend when people of mixed parentage in the USA refer to themself as white, when they know they have black heritage.
    My grandsons will never be placed in that catagory as they will be brought up to know their black ancestory on both side of their family. My grandsons will be proud of their black ancestory as their parents and grandparents. Hopefully, they too will inform their own children of their ancestory, even if it is not visably evident.