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  1. 3:30 Yeah. I'm not from the US, and i do think there is a line, but i agree. Stereotypes about different races (white, black, yellow, red, blue when people pass-out and green when feeling sick or talking about martians) to me is just another "tool" to make comedy. It all comes down to how the joke is told, how much thought was put into it and how relatable it can be while still making you think about it… that to me is much more important than what specific race, or stereotypical associations with that specific race, the joke is about.

  2. Man in the blue hat. Your comment about letting people say what they think whether they are right or wrong was on–point. Well played! I am going to check out your merchandise. I ain't going to buy it, I'm just going to check it out. …{heh heh heh).

  3. Really enjoyed seeing that you have a very reasonable outtake on free discussion of sensitive issues. You're damn right, we need to be free to talk about things.. Communication is vital to a democracy.

  4. The point: People should be able to talk about it.. THATS the point.. I live in Austria.
    And i can say. Here and in Germany – the same shit starts….
    When you start to quit someone becaus he "think the worng" where it ends?
    WHO say what thinkin is right?
    What is right in 20 Years?
    Its THE SAME like in the past – justs on the other side. But the thing is not better.
    ok — about Bill bur… unbelievabl – only him can bring th thin with Hitler..whahahahahahaha — how quiet in the car…OMG…wahahahah

  5. Only a few people reacting to comedy can actually enhance the bit. You guys are part of that elite. I'm fucking loving y'all's Burr reactions. I legit get hype when I see you drop a new one.