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  1. No hate, but I've watched a few of your reactions and to be honest, I'm not sure why you're doing them. You don't seem to enjoy doing it, and don't seem to enjoy the comedy. Maybe you thought you'd jump on the bandwagon of doing reactions. Too much attitude and negativity for me to enjoy watching it, and that is an important factor in watching reactions. People don't come here to see people hate comedy, the come to see people having fun and sharing it. I feel like you're doing Bill Burr's comedy because you know how popular it is, but then it's more than obvious you don't like him. Lastly, I think you forget that generally comedians bring up the hard topics so that you can laugh about them, and hopefully walk away not taking it all so serious. You don't have to like him, but then WHY do a reaction to him?

  2. Just by this reaction, YOU HAVE to watch the “No Reason To Hit A Woman” segment. I would love the reaction for that one.

  3. It makes sense she doesn’t like bill burr, just judging by what I’ve seen in her other reactions personality wise bill burrs style doesn’t fit. With women its hit or miss with burr. Usually “one the guys” type women tend to fuck with burr more ive noticed.

  4. Did you know what he was talking about with Hitler, Jesse Owens and the Berlin Olympics? Just curious because a lot of people who've reacted to this weren't aware.

  5. You are LITERALLY the first person who I've ever seen do a reaction video that said they didn't like the video. And I've seen a lot of reaction videos. What that tells me is that you're being real. Now I want to watch you more because I know you're going to say what you really think. Also, I get bored easily too. It's a sign of high intelligence.

  6. Oh and Jay, love it when someone isnt afraid to be genuine with reactions, i still think Burr is 2nd only to Chappelle but at this point i think its evident Burr is just not your style, which is cool! I recommend Louis C.K – Magic Mike & ill try the best anything! Its the first one that comes up✌🏽

  7. I think I saw u do 3 or 4 Bill Burr reactions now and u never seem to get his humor that much which is fine. You dont have to act like he's funny when u dont think he's just to please people. I just dont see the point of doing his bits anymore when there are a bunch of other comedians out there you can find funny to you.

  8. Everyone has different senses of humour…. I find Bill Burr hilarious but his humour is obviously not hitting the mark for you. I think this is one of his best bits so if you don’t find this one funny then I doubt you will like many of his others. Maybe best to just react to other comedians that you like