Watch Justin Dorsey and Staci Inez React to Bill Burr’s Black vs White Athletes segment. #stayhome #Billburr #Reaction #Staciinez #Justindorseytv


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BILL BURR – Some People Need Lotion | REACTION!

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  1. White people have developed self guiding smart bullets that zero in on low infra RED signatures and can be tuned for the
    'melenin' spectrum. So if black athletes can't run faster than 1200 mph, whites win… well, all except Bill Burr.

  2. 'The Sports Gene': Author Tackles Controversial Aspect of Sports, Genes and Ethnicity nbc .Black vc. White.athletes.256kbps.wmv NBC Black Athletes – Black Athletes Fact and Fiction Part II Are elite athletes born or made? How Genes Affect Athletic Performance: VICE Podcast 032

    There has been many academic and scientific literature worldwide on the differences between white and black athletes. But it is boring and difficult to read unless you have a degree ion biology, physiology or a similar degree. It is easier to watch video documentaries on this matter. But, over the years, YOUTUBE has removed many of these videos and people have to repost…..or give the videos titles to hide what the video is really about. This is because YOUTUBE has a "Politically Correct" algorithm to remove certain videos.

  3. Accidentally created a master race…funny as hell. Staci and Justin weren't familiar with Jesse Owens at the1936 Olympics. Owens won the 100, 200 and the long jump. Hitler left rather than congratulate him.

  4. I think British people are the majority of the subs and viewers, and she is using the cup of tea as, a form of comfort manipulation, haha I'm on to you two lol.

  5. i am a Brit, have you tried any British comedians? Would love to see your reactions .may need help with some of British slang eg when we say pissed we mean drunk not annoyed lol

  6. This is the future on how to watch videos or tv shows or movies. Now I can instantly tell whether or not I should think something is funny.

  7. The whole muscle thing isnt really racist though, there is science behind it and it's not only people of african decent that have it lol, every race has it, but from what I know those people that have it get tired faster but can be much more explosive and quicker