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  1. I thought it was funny and all the black people vs white people talk sounded descriptive not prejudice to me and once again why does being black need to be a bad thing to some people? There are gorgeous people in all races

  2. You really need to watch his "Black Friends, Clothes and Harlem. The end about Harlem is about visiting his girl, now wife when they started dating. Hilarious!

  3. Speaking of jokes that shouldn't be told… This actually happened. My best friend (Geezer) Eddi is married to a Jewish woman from Israel named Oshrit. Sweet woman. Fortunately she likes to laugh. I went with Eddie and Oshrit to their Synagogue to help setup a PA system. Eddi was struggling to adjust a mike clip and he asked me if I had a penny to adjust the screw that holds the clip in place. I said, "Good luck finding one here." Now, you would think that it's bad enough telling a joke like that inside a Synagogue, but it got worse outside. This time Oshrit was there to enjoy the moment. I'm not Jewish, so I had no intention of hanging around for the service. As Eddi and I were walking down to my car, Oshrit came out and asked, "What's the hurry?" I didn't want to offend her, so before I could stop it, out of my mouth flew, "I just wanted to get out before the shooting starts."

    I know. It was a horrid joke, but all three of us laughed. It just goes to show that almost anything can be made funny if done right, if not in the wrong location. I'm just not looking forward to judgement day now.

  4. Bill be doing satire on every race, the 2 genders and everybody in between. He's an equal opportunity comedian.
    If you don't like his comedy, change the channel. I have never heard a black comedian not make fun of white people. It's called; get over yourself and laugh! You'll feel better!

  5. hey Modern have u ever seen All in the Family? its an early 70's Sitcom check out this episode or if u like do a reaction to this , its really funny! Just Search All in the Family Sammy Davis Junior

  6. If that theory is true then why are white men the strongest in the world when you talk about powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman? I call bs,white people go to work after school if there were more whites in pro sports they'd dominate.I garuntee it.

  7. i truly believe that one of the ways to end racism is to point out the ridiculousness of it through comedy. Humor is very powerful and comedians play an important role in society by pointing out things that are stupid and making fun of them.. or highlighting common ground we all have as human beings with humor. I love Bill Burr. Wondering if you watched Chappelle's new netflix stand up special? It's epic.. he hits so many taboo topics and makes them hilarious!! If you haven't seen it I highly recommend you take the time to watch.

  8. not sure why people would get upset for using the black word or white word, heres some facts ready? Some people have black skin and some have white. So if I'm describing somebody why is it offensive for me to say, like in boxing or mma the commentators will do everything they can do to keep from saying who's black and who's white. The guy is the red shoes with green shoelaces and his head shaved and red shorts with green stripes on the shorts that guy is Tyrone. And in the other corner is Bill.
    People we are just different colors , nothing wrong with that. We all look different, nothing wrong with that

  9. Great observation. the problem with dividing people into different groups and classifications, whether it is by race, gender, height, weight, Philosophy, ideology, etc…. is that by dividing them , you are focusing on differences. Why should we be surprised or offended that someone notices them?

  10. I like this guy, he's real, not afraid to joke about stereotypes and life in general. People are just too serious and afraid to offend anyone. We are all different but still the same. We have our strengths and weaknesses. However, no matter what color our skin is or where our ancestors came from we all want similar things in our lives. Love, happiness and the ability to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We are all brothers and sisters. The Bible tells us of Adam and Eve and science has proven that we all descended from one woman. Probably started out to disprove the Biblical story but ended up proving at least Eve. Watch the documentary "The Real Eve" A scientist took 10 years to collect DNA samples throughout the entire world. After years of testing she found that we have less deviation in our worldwide mitochondrial DNA (passed from mother to child) than exists in a single troop of chimpanzees. This proves we all descended from one woman. So we are family! May God bless my family richly! πŸ’–

  11. Pretty sure that was the 1st time I ever saw Bill Burr. It was quite awhile ago and I'm pretty sure it was an all black audience. They had a few other comedians and they were all black. He's been my favorite comedian ever since.

  12. I do not understand why everyone gets shocked as soon as Hitler is mentioned, he is histories worst white supremacist and killed more white people then coloured and the nazi's had alliances with non white countries. PS Hitler never left the olympics because of a black athlete he greeted him and stayed for a while, but had other things he needed to do, it had nothing to do with the black athlete