Just sharing a funny clip.

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  1. hilarious as usual BUT I can't turn off the history teacher stuff. the '36 Olympics were a huge propaganda win for the Nazis. They completely ignored Jesse Owens and with the racism in our own country we didn't really tout his 4 golds either. But the Germans still won the gold medal count and thats all they cared about

  2. I thought the black dudes run faster because they practice running with our TV sets and VCR after a while with no weight on your shoulders got them right you’ll run fast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Bill burr is an example on how I think white people in America should go about race. He understands it’s an uncomfortable subject but he still speaks his mind. America treats race as something that should never be discussed. That’s why we can’t progress as a country. I’m black and he’s my favorite white comedian of all time by far.

  4. Chinese Olympic athletes literally base their training around the genetic differences between races. For example, their Olympic lifters do bodybuilding exercises on their shoulders and traps because western athletes have broader shoulders genetically. Black men also do have a higher percentage of fast twitch dominant bodies, this doesn't apply to eastern Africans like Kenyans who are better at marathoning and endurance than power. Black men also have denser bones, which means they have more potential to hold more muscle while slowing them down when they try to swim or do similar activities.

  5. Was watching an NBA game and they were asking LeBron why he was better this year. and he was saying he couldnt move well because of his injury last year but now he's healthy and has his quick twitch back, made me laugh and think of this lol

  6. This guy is one of the best comedians ever. I love how he isn't afraid to offend people at all. I'm Black, and I wish we'd just stop with the bullshit, put it all out there, and get over it. We all know there are some differences, why can't we talk about it without tripping out?

    I mean normal people, not the actual racists… fuck those guys.